What is it?

Degree Works 

Degree Works is a degree audit software that provides Wayne State University with three components to assist advisors and students as they work towards graduation.

  • Degree Worksheet - This is a view of a student's academic progress, that allows users to determine which requirements for the degree are met, in progress, or still needed.
  • Academic Plan - This is a semester-by-semester view of a student's academic present and future, mapping out a path to graduation based on classes remaining on the Degree Worksheet.

Goals for Students

Degree Works will assist students in achieving their goal of graduating on time by:

  • Reviewing their progress toward degree completion
  • Identifying courses that need to be completed
  • Selecting courses that meet your degree requirements
  • Planning courses to take in future semesters
  • Determining a projected graduation date (in the Plans tab)
  • Choosing a new major, minor or concentration (What-If)

Goals for Advisors and Faculty

Degree Works will assist advisors and faculty with their goal to provide students with the most up-to-date and accurate information by:

  • Providing a clear outline of missing requirements to help students choose the best courses
  • Saving time by using the What-If scenario if a student is interested in a new major
  • Creating an Academic Plan to keep students on track for graduation
  • Reviewing academic progress and GPA 
  • Ease the process of degree certification

General Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Degree Works?

    Degree Works is an online advising tool which produces an easy to read academic evaluation to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion.  The web based program reorganizes your transcript categorically, easily dentifying courses you have completed and what courses remain to fulfill your degree requirements at Wayne State University. This tool reflects the Wayne State University requirements described in the bulletin and should be used to select coursework to fulfill degree requirements.

  • What are the benefits of using Degree Works?

    Degree Works helps you:

    • Determine what requirements you need to fulfill in order to complete your degree
    • Determine how your transfer credit fits into your path to graduation
    • See how your coursework would apply to another major or minor by using the What-If option
    • Plan your course selection, semester by semester
  • Who can access Degree Works?

    Advisors and students will be able to use the system.

  • How do I access Degree Works?

    Degree Works can be accessed through Academica.

  • When should a student/advisor review a degree worksheet?

    The Degree Worksheet is accessible at any time, but should definitely be reviewed:

    • Before registration
    • After registration to ensure courses apply to requirements
    • After grades for each semester are posted
    • Any time changes are made to your academic record