Event FAQ's

Are reservations required to attend AP Day?
We do ask that you make a reservation so we can plan for seating.

Are permission slips required to attend AP Day?
All students attending AP Day will be required to subject a WSU permission slip. Permission slips will be due February 1, 2023 and must be uploaded to our Permission Slip Upload System

The subject lecture that interests me is closed. Can I still attend?
Due to limited space, we cannot accommodate students beyond session capacity. If your session is closed and you're interested in attending, write us at apday@wayne.edu. Should space become available, we will let you know.

Where do students check-in at?
Students will go through a centralized check-in at the Welcome Center. Buses are directed to drop off outside of the Welcome Center before parking in the Matthaei service drive. 

When lunch is no longer available, is there anywhere else to eat?
While there are other on-campus and neighborhood dining options, students are encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch on the bus. If you are interested in lunch, please write to us at apday@wayne.edu. Should space become available, we will let you know.

Can I eat with my group in the Student Center food court?
AP Day students are not permitted to eat in the Student Center food court. 

How much does lunch cost and what is included?
Lunch is free to attendees who register in advance. In previous years, the Towers Cafe, students were served chicken and vegan chorizo taco, hamburgers, black bean burgers, crispy chicken sandwich, french fries, pizza, soup and salad bar, deli sandwiches and dessert bar.  Students assigned to the Student Center Building will recieve a box lunches and include the following: choice of turkey or veggie sandwich, chips, cookie and beverage. Lunch locations are assigned based on the order of registration. 

Can I attend two different subject lectures?
All lectures take place concurrently at 10 a.m.-noon, so you cannot attend more than one.

What topics will be covered in the lectures?
As the date approaches we will be posting the intended lecture topics that faculty will be covering during the lectures.

What will I see during a campus tour?
Campus tours will vary based on each group due to the large volume of students on campus for AP Day. Attendees can expect to see a variety of locations where WSU students eat, sleep, learn and hang-out. Those interested in a full campus tour can schedule one for a different date and time. 

Where do I park to attend this event?
Large groups arriving in buses will be directed to park on the Matthaei service drive. Smaller groups and individual attendees will park in other assigned lots or structures. Detailed information for where you should park will be emailed to you one week prior to AP Day.

Are proof of attendance letters available for individual students attending?
Should you need documention to provide to your high school that you attended AP Day, please let us know at least one week prior to the event by emailing apday@wayne.edu. Requested letters will be included with your check-in packet when you arrive.