Phoenix Reentry Program

Phoenix Reentry Program (Second Start)

The WSU Phoenix Reentry Program provides undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who left WSU on probation or exclusion and who are now in a position to thrive academically with the opportunity to petition for return under a second start policy. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences grants oversight for the acceptance, monitoring, and completion of this program for its students to the Phoenix Reentry Program Committee in the University Advising Center. To be eligible for this program, a student:

  1. Must not have enrolled at Wayne State University for at least three consecutive years prior to application to the Phoenix Reentry Program.
  2. Must be clear of all financial holds.
  3. Must apply prior to restarting coursework at the University.

Students eligible for the Phoenix Reentry Program must complete a reentry application. Deadlines for applying to the program are as follows:

August 1 (fall term)

December 1 (winter term)

April 1 (spring/summer term)

The granting of Phoenix reentry does not supersede financial aid policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress. The terms of the program are as follows:

  1. Phoenix students must complete 12 semester credits with a grade of "C" or better within two years (24 months) of beginning the program (grades of "C-" are not acceptable).
  2. Students will be expected to complete both the general education and degree requirements in effect at the time of their return to the University.
  3. Fall 18 and beyond: students must complete their QE requirement as part of the 12 credits hour requirement.
  4. Each term, the student will work with their Phoenix Committee advisor to develop an academic contract. The major advisor in the student's intended program will also be consulted and asked to participate in supporting the student's successful reentry to the University. 
  5. All final grades for the term must be provided in order to determine eligibility to register for subsequent terms.
  6. Students who earn any grade below a "C" in their first 12 credits in the Phoenix program will be excluded from the University and will not be eligible again for Phoenix.
  7. The Committee will closely monitor students through the first twelve credits of coursework. All decisions related to a student's continued participation in and completion of the Phoenix program will be made by the Phoenix Reentry Committee and the UAC Director.
  8. Upon successful completion of the Phoenix program, the program committee will request a transcript adjustment through the University Records Office. Previous coursework will remain on the record, however the grade point average (GPA) will be adjusted to reflect the grades earned since the start of the Phoenix program.
  9. Upon successful completion of the Phoenix program, students will be required to declare a major in a WSU school or college.
  10. In order to earn a Wayne State degree, the student must have thirty graded credits of which five courses or fifteen credits must be in the major and/or core.
  11. At the student's option and with consultation with the academic advisor, a student may ask that credits taken before entry into the Phoenix Program be counted on a semester-by-semester basis for the requisite thirty GPA credits. All courses in the chosen semester(s) will count in the GPA.

Application submissions and questions about the program can be referred to Amber Neher at