Early middle college applicants

Wayne State University welcomes applications from students participating in early middle college programs. Early middle college applicants, including those who have completed an associate degree, should apply as first-year if they plan to enroll at Wayne State in the semester immediately following their high school graduation.

Admission criteria

Early middle college applicants are evaluated using the same admission criteria as other first-year applicants.

Applications are due Dec. 1 for enrollment the following fall. Be sure to indicate that you have college credit when you apply.


Early middle college students who plan to transfer 62 or more completed credits to Wayne State must select a major upon entry, from our 350-plus programs. These students are not eligible for exploratory tracks. Please be aware that some majors have additional requirements, so it is important to review the specific program requirements carefully as you make your selection.

Transferring credit

All college-level classes from regionally accredited colleges with a grade of 2.0 (C) or above will transfer.  There are no specific limits to the number of transfer credits.  However, each academic program has specific requirements that must be satisfied, which helps determine the best number of credits to transfer. 

Courses transfer as the number of credits earned at the college where students took the class. This is true regardless of the number of credits the Wayne State equivalent course is worth. Each transferred course will match one of the following types of credit:  

  • Equivalent credit: course(s) that are determined to satisfy a specific requirement and/or prerequisite.  
  • Department credit: course(s) that don't closely match a specific WSU course but transfer into the academic department. Usually major elective credit.  
  • Elective credit: course(s) that don't match a specific WSU course or "fit" into an academic department. Usually transferred as general elective credit (GEN 1XXX or GEN 2XXX). Elective credit can be used to complete graduation requirements.  

A school official may submit your transcript electronically by emailing admissions@wayne.edu or using a transcript exchange service like Parchment or SCOIR. Transcripts may also be submitted via mail:  

Office of Undergraduate Admissions  
Wayne State University 
P.O. Box 02759  
Detroit, MI 48202  

Questions? Contact the Transfer Student Success Center at transfer@wayne.edu or 313-577-2487 


Early middle college students are considered first-year students, but their class ranking may change based on the credits they transfer into Wayne State. This can affect their tuition and financial aid because the tuition changes when a student moves from lower division (first-year or sophomore ranking) to upper-division (junior or senior ranking).

Wayne State determines class ranking based on the number of credit hours a student has completed:

  • First-year: 0 to 28.99 credits, inclusive

  • Sophomore: 29 to 55.99 credits, inclusive

  • Junior: 56 to 87.99 credits, inclusive

  • Senior: 88 credits or above

Scholarships and financial aid

For too many students, money is the biggest hurdle in turning college ambition into reality. That's why Wayne State is committed to ensuring that all students have access to an affordable, high quality education, thanks to scholarships and other types of financial aid.

Beginning October 1 of your final year in the early or middle college program, apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  Filing a FAFSA is the first step toward all types of college funding, from federal loans and grants to work-study programs and scholarships, so be sure to do this as soon as possible.

Early middle college students qualify for Wayne State's first-year scholarships. A number of factors determine eligibility for these awards. WSU colleges, schools, and academic departments also offer a number of awards based on a combination of criteria including financial need, scholastic achievement or leadership qualities. The application is open from October 1- March 1 for the following academic year.

More information for first-year applicants (including early middle college):

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