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Rex Wagner

Rex Wagner

Transfer Student Ambassador


Rex Wagner

Office Address

Transfer Student Success Center

Undergraduate Library (UGL)
Transfer Student Lounge, Room 1150


Major: English/History

Transferred from: Monroe County Community College

Tips for transfer students:
Aim to make connections with not just fellow students, but your professors as well. Some of the best help and lessons I've gotten were during a professor's office hours, so don't be afraid to visit and utilize their knowledge, they're professors because they want to help and share what they know with their students. Be sure to also utilize all the campus offers you as well! For example, access to the Mort Harris Fitness and Recreation Center is free to students, saving you the money of grabbing an expensive gym membership and it's right on campus.

Why did you choose WSU?
WSU is a world class research university right in the middle of my favorite city. There's so much to do in Midtown alone, all so close to campus. Make sure to check out Midtown's abundant restaurants, shopping, museums, and more!

Favorite place on campus?
The Undergraduate Library. I'm always grabbing books for research, always excited for what I'm about to learn. The Taco Bell in the Student Center is a close second and I don't think that needs any further explanation.

Fun fact:
I've been interviewed for a Japanese television show!

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