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Dan Janks

Dan Janks

Transfer Student Ambassador


Dan Janks

Office Address

Transfer Student Success Center

Undergraduate Library (UGL)
Transfer Student Lounge, Room 1150


Major: English

Transferred from: Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Tips for transfer students:
Familiarize yourself with Academica early and see your advisors often! Everything you need to to be successful here at Wayne State happens through Academica. Additionally, your advisors are an invaluable resource; utilize them! Your advisors are there to help you succeed as you navigate through the challenges that may arise during your time here at Wayne State.

Why did you choose WSU?
I chose Wayne State because it's an exceptional local university with outstanding programs of study in many different fields. Currently I'm an English major, and I love the English department! Additionally, my mother graduated from Wayne State University with her MA in Counseling in 1994 and thoroughly enjoyed her time at the university.

Favorite place on campus:
My favorite place on campus would have to be the Transfer Student Lounge in the UGL on the first floor. It's a great place to study/do homework in or hang out with other transfer students!

Fun fact:
I've never seen the movie Titanic.


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