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WSU advantages

  • Guaranteed transfer admission with a 2.5 GPA (cumulative).
  • Eligibility for transfer merit scholarships ranging from $1,000 - $6,000 per academic year.
  • Great Lakes Tuition Policy is only 10% higher than in-state tuition. A cost savings of over $9,000 compared to the international tuition rate.
  • New tuition savings with flat tuition pricing for full-time students. Undergraduate students pay the same tuition cost for 12-18 credits per semester.
  • Completion of the B.S. degree within 3-4 semesters (min. 41 credits) without duplicating courses.
  • Eligibility for OPT STEM extension of employment allows up to three years of authorized U.S. employment after completing your degree.

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The following steps are required to finish the Wayne State B.S. degree requirements in a timely manner. Any course(s) not completed or transferred from St. Clair College can be completed at Wayne State University.

  1. Complete Three Year Advanced Ontario Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology (T826)
  2. Finish math sequence (MTH 605, 705, and 805) and electives (see below).
    • Choose One (Satisfies Social Inquiry general education) - SSC 110G, SSC 121G, SSC 125G, SSC 128G, SSC 134G, SSC 146G, SSC 150G, SSC 168G, SSC 174G, SSC 177G, SSC 180G, SSC 181G, SSC 184G, SSC 188G, SSC 195G, SSC 206G, SSC 212G, or SSC 500G. 
    • Choose One (Satisfies Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion general education) - SSC131G, SSC 223G, or SSC 239G
  3. Complete ERT 160 (3D printer experience). The course will satisfy Wayne State BE 1500 Basic Engineering 3D printer lab. 


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The following Wayne State courses are required to finish the degree requirements based on following the agreement. Courses not transferred from St. Clair College can be completed at Wayne State University. 

Wayne State B.S. General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Concentration

Course Credit Hours
BE 2100 Basic Engineering III: Prob and Stats 3
Civic Literacy (CIV General Education) 3
ENG 1020 College Writing 3
ENG 3060 Technical Communication: Presentations 3
Global Learning (GL General Education) 3
ME 2500 Numerical Methods using MATLAB 2
ME 3400 Dynamics 3
ME 4300 Thermal Fluid Design 4
ME 4410 Vibrations: Theory and Lab 4
ME 4500 Mechanical Engineering Design III 4
PHY 2175 University Physics for Engineers I 4
PHY 2185/81 University Physics for Engineers II/Lab 5
Total 41 credits

All college-level courses with a 2.0 (C) grade point average (GPA) or above will be considered for transfer credit. Earned credit will transfer as 1) direct course equivalency, 2) major/department credit, or 3) elective credit. Credits not earned at St. Clair College will need to be taken at WSU. 

How do I get started?

Apply online at https://wayne.edu/apply#transfer.

For maximum scholarship consideration, complete the undergraduate admission application (including submission of all documents) before:

  • Fall semester: June 1
  • Winter semester: October 1

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