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Feedback/Enhancement Requests:

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Overview Module


  • Add the option for sending a text message for campaigns for students that opted to receive text messages. #330

Student Module

Assigned Students

  • When opening the Student Module, it should default to the Advisors Registered: Currently Enrolled List #294

Calendar Module

Appointment Availability

  • Separate availability for campaigns and regular appointments #300
  • Add drop-in availability or find a way for students to see Drop-in Times on the Advisor or Department Calendar prior to making an appointment. #310


Appointments Module

Canceling appointment

  • Advisors and Students must be able to give a reason for the appointment cancelation.  In EAB, each were presented with a dropdown of choices and a comments section. #411

Include Student Preferred Phone

  • On the Advisor email notification and possibly appointment calendar event, include the students 10-digit phone number. #412

Appointment Type-Virtual or F2F (Resolved)

  • Virtual as a selection that is not just in the instructions.  Since one plan right now is to have two days of virtual advising, students should be able to select virtual advising or on-campus advising, and those filtered days/times only show. #331
  • If possible, it would be great for students to see which appointment slots are available for virtual and which ones are available for face-to-face. #331

Create Group or Workshop type appointments.

  • Ability to schedule appointments with Groups of students. #332
  • Workshop type appointments. #332

Recurring Appointments

  • Ability to create bi-weekly or monthly appts. Recurring Appts #333

Filtering Appointments

  • Add School/College/Division to the list of choices in the Appointment Module

Appointments for others

  • Advisors and Staff need the ability to make appointments for students outside their department. #501

Meeting Locations

  • Meeting with students at multiple locations #311
    • Advisors in multiple departments
    • Advisors that use multiple Locations to Advise

Appointment failure data. 

  • In the event a student cannot find any availability, a failure page should direct students to an Appointment Request Page. #309 (Resolved)
  • View Drop-in Hours or Request and appointment #310

Separate Major and Minor in the Explore Subject Services

  • We have Dept setting at 60-min for all "Explore" categories and need that much time for exploratory majors, but not exploratory minors. Would like the ability to set different appt durations for Explore Major (60min) and Explore Minor (30min) appts. It also helps with tracking appts by major and minor.  #413





Students Menu

Student Profile


Holds Component

  • Filter Active and Inactive
  • Filter Financial, Academic and Other

Demographic Data

  • Standard Demographic data along with personal pronouns and gender identities #334 & #230

Appt Reminders

  • Create logic that allows Advisors to open a future appointment and send a reminder email to the students.  #312

Check-in Alert

  • Keep alert, disable the ding (Resolved)


Tests Scores

  • Placement Scores for Highest and Latest. #303
  • Permit to Register (MPR#, BPR#, and EPR#) Scores #303


Student Calendar

  • Integrate a STARS student calendar with Student Course data under the courses tab for the current or preregistered semesters--similar to the registration portal. It will help us conceptualize the student's schedule or any issues within the schedule we may find. This visual will also help advisors assist students better and create a balanced schedule that works with their external demands. #502


  • Would like the same functionality as STARS 1.0 for viewing and filtering.  The ability to sort by course, instructor, term, level, dept, attributes and the ability to hover over or click on the grade to see the grading history for that course.  These are abilities currently in STARS 1.0. #414

Transfer Credit (#285 and #261)

  • Build this with the same functionality as STARS 1.0 where it presents like an Excel spreadsheet and calculations are present.
  • Make it downloadable.
  • Show All Transfer credit
  • It is the good to have all showing for those rare times when transfer credit misses items on the transferred transcript and to indicate to the student why the course did not count.
  • Present the "not accepted" transfer credits added to the transfer table, like they are in STARS 1.0? It is very helpful when they are appealing/contesting, or if there was an error on our side (for example I had a student not get credit for FRE 1010 because it was entered as FER...)


  • Create a sticky top while the user is in the embedded STARS1.0



Filtering #308

  • Search Notes in Comments by text
  • Filter comments by type


Advanced Search

  • Admit Student Population parameter #307
  • Search for students who failed a specific course. Search by Course Grade.
  • Add to demographics, Race/Ethnicity and Gender #334
  • Add Departments #454
  • Must have Activities/Tags (Resolved)

List Actions

  • Add "Send Email and Add as Comment" as an option #500



  • Some have requested photos in Advanced Searches.  This functionality is in STARS 1.0 in some spaces but not in running reports.  Use cases are very specific.

Formatting Comments

  • Student comment box should have the ability to be formatted. Bullets, bolding, spacing etc. This was available under EAB and adds to the readability of messages when reviewing them before appointments or other discussions. Current format is not reader friendly. #415

Comment Subjects

  • Need Comment subjects added to the list. These were added while in EAB. (Resolved)
    • WarriorVIP (Peer Mentor Notes)
    • CLLAS (Peer Mentor Notes)
    • OMVAE Advising
    • KickStart
    • Latimer Scholars
    • P/N Decisions
    • Senior Sprint
    • Warrior Way Back Approved
    • Placement Tests