Course Pathways

In helping students create meaning and pursue their interests through General Education courses, the GEOC teamed up with a working group of advisors to identify some prominent themes that reflect common student interests and curricular strengths.  We've introduced this idea in sessions at Orientation and O2.  We hope you can help us in encouraging students to explore and embrace a more intentional approach to their General Education courses.

These themed, interdisciplinary groupings of courses are not formal tracks.  They're also not intended to be definitive or exclusive.  Advisors and students are strongly encouraged to explore the entire breadth of our gen ed course offerings.  Rather they are merely examples and (where relevant for a student) guides to help identify possible pathways for students as they explore their interests.  These course lists are drawn from the Undergraduate Bulletin.  Advisors and students should check the Schedule of Classes to confirm which courses are offered in a given semester. 

We will update these course lists every year to reflect new course offerings, but please note that the Undergraduate Bulletin and the Schedule of Classes are the official authority.  If you wish to share additional themes or have suggestions of other resources that might be helpful for advisors and/or students, please contact us at

Africa and the Diaspora

Arts and Culture *courses that fall outside of the Cultural Inquiry Gen Ed category



Globalization and International Processes

Latin America

Medicine and Public Health

Middle East

Social Justice



Urban Development