COVID-19 vaccine mandate

To best protect the health and safety of our campus community, Wayne State will require all students, faculty and staff who plan to be on campus during the fall semester to receive their COVID-19 vaccination. For more information about the vaccine, including a list of frequently asked questions, visit the Campus Health Center's webpage. For information about the fall semester, visit the fall 2021 webpage


Submit proof of vaccination


Those who have started the vaccination process but are not fully vaccinated should upload their vaccine card to the mandate system. After receiving the email from the submission process noting they are not compliant, they should email to request a temporary extension in order to be allowed on campus.

Students, faculty and staff who will be learning or working in solely remote formats over the fall are not included in the mandate. For this fall semester only, as a time of transition, we will try to accommodate those who must work remotely because of vaccination status.

Lost vaccine card

Michiganders can contact the site where they were vaccinated, such as the local health department or health care provider, and request a new vaccination card.  You can also fill out a form to get a copy of your immunization record from the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR), an immunization database that documents inoculations given to Michiganders.

Vaccines allowed

All three FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines administered in the United States will be accepted under the vaccine mandate. Vaccines administered outside of the United States — including the AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Cinovac or COVISHield vaccines — will also be accepted under the vaccine mandate. 


You may also apply online for a waiver of the requirement based on legitimate health or religious reasons. When your request for waiver form is completed, upload and submit it online. These requests will be reviewed by the Campus Health Committee. Individuals who have an approved waiver will be required to be COVID-19 tested once per week and to wear a mask indoors. 


All visitors must continue to fill out a Guest Campus Screener; any who are unvaccinated will not be permitted on campus.


If a student or member of the faculty, staff or administration comes to campus unvaccinated or without an approved exemption, they will face the repercussions currently codified in the various contracts, policies and procedures governing disciplinary procedures for the respective groups:

  • Students: Student Code of Conduct 
  • Nonrepresented staff: Human Resource policies and procedures on progressive discipline
  • Faculty and represented staff and personnel: collective bargaining agreements  

Vaccine appointments

Due to the volume of requests, the Campus Health Center is unable to accept walk-ins for COVID-19 vaccination at this time. To set up an appointment, call 313-577-5105 or 313-577-5041. Individuals must be 18 years or older to receive the Johnson and Johnson or Moderna vaccine and 12 years or older to receive Pfizer vaccine. Vaccines are available at no cost. More information about what to expect during vaccination appointments is available on the CHC vaccine website.

Individuals can also receive their COVID-19 vaccine at a pharmacy or health center most convenient to them.