Arrival time and assembly

School/College ceremony information

The School/College ceremonies will be held in the WSU Fieldhouse located at 1290 W. Warren Ave.

Arrival times 

Faculty and academic staff should plan to arrive to campus one hour prior to the start of the ceremony. Please do not bring any personal items with you, as we cannot be responsible for items left in the assembly area.


You will report to Matthaei upon arrival and check in at Gym 110. The faculty will process to the Fieldhouse together approximately 15 minutes before the ceremony starts. All faculty and academic staff will be seated together and acknowledged during the ceremony.

If you are hooding a Doctoral Graduate, go directly to the Fieldhouse. Karen Schramm will meet you on the floor (court) and show you to your assigned seat. Plan to be in your seat 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.  


When you arrive, you will report to Matthaei Gym 110 for check-in and robing. Please remember to bring your regalia with you. Regalia will not be available on-site.

Rented regalia will need to be picked up at Barnes and Noble between Monday, April 22, and Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Coat racks will be available in Matthaei's Gym 110.

Ceremonies are scheduled to last approximately and hour and a half. Everyone is expected to remain seated until the end of the ceremony.