WSU Payment Plans FAQ

What are WSU Payment Plans?

Wayne State University allows currently enrolled students opportunity to extend their semester balance throughout the term in 3, 4, of 5 month installments.  Students who have satisfied all prior term outstanding balances are eligible to enroll in our payment plans. 

When is enrollment available?

Semester Payment Plans will generally be available prior to the first eBill being generated for that term.  Please refer to for information on enrollment periods.

Can prior semester balances be included in WSU payment plans?

Only current semester balances are included in the plan. Prior semester balances must be paid in full to participate.

What is the fee to participate?

A nonrefundable enrollment fee of $40 must be paid at the time of enrollment.

How will I know what my monthly payment will be?

Please review your payment plan in the Student Account Dashboard for installment dates and amounts.  You can also set up auto-payment for your payment plan for an easy and efficient payment process. 

How do I enroll?

  1. Prior term balances must be paid in full before proceeding.
  2. Click on "Student Resources" in Academica.
  3. Click on "Financial Records".
  4. Click on the "Student Account Dashboard".
  5. Select "Payment Plans" on the menu to the left.
  6. Follow the steps to enroll.
  7. Read the terms and conditions and press submit.
  8. Pay the nonrefundable enrollment fee.
  9. An email confirming enrollment and a payment schedule will be sent to the email designated during enrollment.

When will my hold be removed?

Students who enroll in a payment plan after holds assessed will regain eligibility for registration and access to transcripts.  Your hold will be removed within 24 hours of your payment plan enrollment.  Students must remain current on their payment plan in order to prevent holds from reapplying to their account.

What if I make a payment before enrolling in the plan?

Payments made on your student account prior to enrolling or at the time of enrollment will be included in calculating monthly payments.

What if I am receiving financial aid?

Any late disbursement of financial aid will be credited and spread out amongst your remaining due installments.  However, installment amounts will be locked effective 3 days before the installment due date.

What if I add a class or have additional charges?

Any adjustment to your semester charges will be applied and spread out amongst your remaining due installments.  However, installment amounts will be locked effective 3 days before the installment due date.

What if I make a late payment?

When you enroll in the payment plan, you will receive via email a Truth-in-Lending document that includes a payment schedule.

Maintaining your payment plan is contingent on staying current on installment due dates.  If payment is not received by the due date, you are subject to being removed from the payment plan.  Removal from the payment plan after the semester Due Date would result in registration and records holds being applied to your account, as well as being subject to monthly late fees. 

Returned check fee: A $35 fee is assessed when a check or online payment is returned by your bank for any reason.

Your payment plan will be cancelled if the $40 enrollment fee is returned by your financial institution.