CPM Ambassadors

Meet the CPM Pre-Med Student Ambassador

The directors of CPM are very excited to have a bright and dedicated pre-medical student serving in the position of ambassador. Sarah serves as a communication line between the pre-med population and the CPM directors. If you have ideas, thoughts, concerns or suggestions, please share them with her!  She is invested in the success of the program and, even more importantly, the successful journey of her peers to become practicing physicians.

Sarah Haidar Picture of Sarah Haidar

Hello! My name is Sarah Haidar and I am a senior pursuing a major in Biological Sciences with Honors, and a minor in Neuroscience. As the CPM ambassador, I'm so excited to bring forth new ideas and opportunities to the pre-med students at Wayne State. Being able to conduct research at the WSU SOM, and as a clinical research specialist at Henry Ford Health (HFH), research has become something that I am very passionate about. Especially research addressing how to better serve the underserved populations and tackle health disparities throughout our community. Additionally, having volunteered throughout different departments in HFH for the past six years and throughout my community, I have grown to love helping others however I can, while also learning about how the human body and mind function. I am also passionate about music, reading, and medicine, which all contribute to what makes me a pre-med student. I hope to help my fellow pre-med students find the things that they are passionate about, and aid in being able to pursue those opportunities, as we all advance towards our future careers. I look forward to meeting you all and providing whatever guidance I can! Feel free to reach out to me at gw4210@wayne.edu or wsucpm@wayne.edu.