Navigate Wayne State with the new Warrior Road app

Screenshot of Warrior Road app

It's important to stay on track as you earn your degree. That's why Wayne State University is launching the Warrior Road app. With just the push of a button, students can access need-to-know information that will help them thrive on campus and beyond. Like a customized to-do list, the Warrior Road app will guide students as they complete different tasks such as registering for New Student Orientation, meeting with an advisor, paying tuition, signing up for classes, and applying for graduation.

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Dashboard and advisor view

  • An overview of degree progress and upcoming tasks
  • Degree progress is accurate and remains up to date
  • Information about your academic advisor, including links to contact them


  • Events and objectives that students need to complete
  • Delegated administration of task management
  • Each task can have a description as well as a list of resources
  • Students can be directed to exactly the right resources, such as websites, phone numbers or even physical locations

Screenshot of Warrior Road app

Screenshot of Warrior Road app

Screenshot of Warrior Road app

Next steps

  • Continue piloting with Orientation staff and students
  • Continue working with departments to build content
  • Full launch in Fall
  • More advanced task completion features
  • Images within tasks
  • Updated communication features
  • More integration with other systems

Log in from your phone to see a customized to-do list and complete tasks that connect to university resources. Each task assigned to students connects them directly with their advisor and vital resources, in addition to displaying up-to-date degree progress.