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RaiseMe microscholarships

RaiseMe is an organization that allows students to earn "microscholarship" funds throughout high school in recognition of their academic achievements and outstanding accomplishments. Students can earn microscholarships during each year of high school.

RaiseMe establishes relationships ("partners") with higher education institutions throughout the United States that incorporate the microscholarships in their institution's financial aid awards. Wayne State University is a RaiseMe partner.

Students must meet three requirements to receive their microscholarships at Wayne State University. First, they must apply and be accepted for regular admission. Second, they must enter their RaiseMe earnings by December 1 of their senior year. Third, they must apply for financial aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Note: Students who are eligible for merit awards and/or need-based financial aid based on their FAFSA data, may receive a total scholarship amount that is higher than their high school microscholarship amount. The total scholarship amount will include the microscholarship. It will not be in addition to the microscholarship.

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