Aja Denise Reynolds (hb9224)

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Title: Assistant Professor
Unit: Teacher Education
Department: College of Education

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College of Education

Title: Assistant Professor of Urban Education and Critical Race Studies
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Aja D. Reynolds, is an Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education Department. She received her doctorate degree in the Educational Policy Studies- Social Foundations program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her scholarly work has focused on her collaborative work in creating ‘fugitive’ or freedom spaces with Black girls through the use of art, activism and healing as she explores the geographies of Black girlhood. Her dissertation is titled “Ain’t Nobody Checking for Us: Race, Fugitivity and the Urban Geographies of Black Girlhood”. Aja has over 12 years of experience as an educator/youth worker. Her research examines Black girlhood identities and geographies in the neoliberal -carceral state to explore liberatory praxis. She is part of national education organizations, including the Education for Liberation Network, in which she organizes with teachers, youth and community organizations to develop more equitable educational structures for marginalized youth.

Aja is excited about continuing her work with educators and communities in sustaining freedom schooling for Black youth and those from other marginalized communities, and supporting pathways to increase Black and Brown teachers in PreK- 12 schools.

Office Location:

229 Education Bldg.

Area of Expertise:

Black girlhood~ Youth Development ~ Critical Pedagogy

Aja Denise Reynolds

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