Shooshan Danagoulian (fr4523)

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Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Economics
Department: College of Liberal Arts & Science

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656 W Kirby ST, 2095F/AB
Department of Economics
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Detroit, 48202

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 313-577-1078
Fax: 313-577-9564

F/AB 2095 and Integrative Biosciences Center (IBio)

Curriculum Vitae: 214335 1675783305 file
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Research interest(s)/area of expertise:

Health economics

Health insurance

Pollution and health

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications: Ph.D. Cornell University 2014
Selected publications:
  • Derek Jenkins, Daniel Grossman, David Slusky, and Shooshan Danagoulian. “Blood Lead Testing in Flint Before and After Water Contamination” (2022) Forthcoming Pediatrics
  • Shooshan Danagoulian and Thomas Wilk "Locking Out Prevention: Dental Care in the Midst of a Pandemic" (2022). 31:9 1973-1992 Health Economics
  • Shooshan Danagoulian, Daniel Grossman, and David Slusky "Healthcare Following Environmental Disasters: Evidence from Flint" (2022) 41:4 1060-1089. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
  • Shooshan Danagoulian, Andrew King, Kyle Mangan , John Tarchick, Bram Dolcourt (2021) "Fewer Opioids, More Benzodiazepines? Prescription Trends by Specialty in Response to the Implementation of Michigan’s Opioid Laws ", Pain Medicine 23.2 (2022): 403-413
  • Shooshan Danagoulian and Derek Jenkins (2020) "Rolling Back the Gains: Maternal Stress Undermines Pregnancy Health After Flint's Water Switch." Health Economics 2020. 30: 564-584 
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Shooshan Danagoulian

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