Sarah Winchell Lenhoff (fj6428)

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Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Administration & Organization Stud
Department: College of Education

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College of Education

Phone: 313-577-0923
Degrees and Certifications:

Ph.D., Educational Policy, Michigan State University, 2013
M.S., Teaching, Adolescent Education, Pace University, 2006
B.A., English and Women’s Studies, University of Georgia, 2004


 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Administrative & Organizational Studies

Title: Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Director of the Detroit Partnership for Education Equity & Research; Leonard Kaplan Endowed Professor
Office Hours:

Office Hours: By appointment.


Sarah Winchell Lenhoff, Ph.D., is an associate professor of educational leadership and policy studies and the Leonard Kaplan Endowed Profesor in Wayne State University’s College of Education. Lenhoff began her career as a New York City public school teacher, and she led the research and policy division of the non-profit The Education Trust-Midwest for four years. Her research focuses on education policy implementation and access to equitable educational opportunities, with a focus on how collaborative research with practitioners and community members can facilitate systemic improvement. Her recent research has examined district and school infrastructure to support school improvement; the effects of school choice policy on equitable opportunities for students; and the causes and consequences of student absenteeism. She is the faculty director of the Detroit Partnership for Education Equity & Research (Detroit PEER), a research-practice partnership with Detroit schools and community-based organizations working to equitably improve student attendance and engagement in Detroit.

More on Detroit PEER can be found here.

You can view Dr. Lenhoff's CV here

Office Location: 375 Education
Area of Expertise:

Education policy implementation and equity; continuous improvement; school choice and charter schools; school accountability


*Denotes graduate student co-author.

Edwards, E. B., Singer, J.*, & Lenhoff, S. W. (2023). Antiblackness and attendance policy implementation: Evidence from a midwestern school district. Educational Researcher. 

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Peurach, D. J., Lenhoff, S. W., & Glazer, J. L. (2016). Large-scale high school reform through school improvement networks: Exploring possibilities for “developmental evaluation.” Teachers College Record, 118(13), 1–28.

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