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Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Sociology
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Sociology, CLAS
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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Title: Associate Professor
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Krista M. Brumley is associate professor of sociology at Wayne State University. She focuses on gender, work-family, and work organizations in the U.S. and Mexico. Her current research examines how U.S. workplace conditions impact employee work-family conflict, health and well-being, and relationships. She is the principal investigator for a NSF RAPID grant that uses mixed methods (surveys and interviews) to assess how work, family, and health among dual-income couples have changed within the context of COVID-19. Her project on gender and work uses qualitative interviews with women and men who hold managerial and professional positions in the automotive industry to analyze work-family conflict and career advancement. Her research in Mexico centered on analyzing gendered organizational change post-NAFTA.

She has published on these topics in Sociological Spectrum, Gender & Society, Gender, Work and Organizations, the Journal of Family Issues, and the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

She received her PhD in Sociology in 2004 from Tulane University. She also has a Master's of Public Health from Tulane University, and earned her BA in Political Science from SUNY-Oswego.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise:

Gender, work, work-family, organizations, qualitative research, Mexico

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications: Ph.D., Sociology, Tulane University, 2004 M.A., Sociology, Tulane University, 1998 M.P.H., Tulane University, 1996
Awards and grants:
  • Principal investigator. (Co-PIs: Shirin Montazer, Katheryn Maguire, and Boris Baltes). National Science Foundation. RAPID: Work, Family, and Social Well-Being among Couples in the Context of COVID-19. Award #2031726. 2020-2021
  • Principal investigator. (Co-PIs: Boris Baltes, Stine Eckert, Tamara Hendrickson, Lars Johnson, Sara Kacin, Shirley Papuga, and Ece Yaprak). National Science Foundation. Wayne State University GEARS: Gender Equity Advances Retention in STEM. 2020-2023
  • Career Development Chair Award. 2019
  • Humanities Center Fellowship (with Shirin Montazer). 2017. 21st Century Technological Revolution and its Discontents: Work-Family conflict in long distance and proximal relationships
  • Humanities Center Fellowship. 2013. Having it All or Stalling Out? Gender, family, and work in the new economy
  • Humanities Center Fellowship. 2010. Gendered Discourses: The (re)production of feminine and masculine workers in Mexico
  • University Research Grant. 2009. Globalizing Forces and Local Responses
  • Women of Wayne. 2009. Globalization Influences on Organizational Culture: Gender Matters
Selected publications:
  • Montazer, Shirin, Krista Brumley, Laura Pineault, Katheryn Maguire, and Boris Baltes. 2022. "COVID-19 Onset, Parental Status and Psychological Distress among Full-Time Employed Heterosexual Adults in Dual-Earning Relationships: The Explanatory Rol of Wor-family Conflict and Guilt." Society and Mental Health. DOI: 10.1177/21568693221096189.
  • Brumley, Krista M. and Megan E. St. George. 2022. "Rules of Engagement: Flexplace and Ideal Workers." Social Currents 9(6):573-591.
  • Brumley, Krista M., Katheryn Maguire, and Shirin Montazer. 2021. "The Paradox of Time: Work, Family, Conflict, and the Social Construction of Time." Sociological Focus 54(4):310-330.
  • Montazer, Shirin, Krista M. Brumley, and Katheryn Maguire. 2020. “Overnight work-travel, work-to-family conflict, and psychological distress. The Social Science Journal. DOI: 10.1080/03623319.2020.1756175
  • Brumley, Krista M. 2018. "'It's more appropriate for men:" Management and worker perceptions of the gendered ideal worker." Sociological Spectrum 38(6):406-421
  • Brumley, Krista M. 2018. "Involved Fathers, Ideal Workers? Fathers' work-family experiences in the U.S." Comparative Perspectives in Family Research (Fathers, Childcare, and Work: Cultures, Practices, and Policies) Vol. 12:209-232
  • Brumley, Krista M. 2014. “The gendered ideal worker narrative: Professional women’s and men’s work experiences in the new economy at a Mexican company.” Gender & Society 28(6): 799-823
  • Brumley, Krista M. 2014. “‘You care for your work; I’ll care for your family:’ Perceptions of managerial behavior at a Mexican company.” Community, Work & Family 17(4)467-485
  • Brumley, Krista M. 2014. “Organizational commitment over the gendered life course at a Mexican company.” Sociological Inquiry 84(4):601-625
  • Brumley, Krista M. 2014. “‘Now, we have the same rights as men to keep our jobs:’ Gendered perceptions of opportunity and obstacles in a Mexican workplace.” Gender, Work, & Organization 21(3):217-230
  • Brumley, Krista M. 2014. ‘It was like a revolution:’ Women’s perceptions of work-family practices at a Mexican multinational corporation.” The Journal of Family Issues 35(6):776-807.
Krista Marie Brumley

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