Kyu-Nahm Jun (du7028)

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Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Political Science
Department: College of Liberal Arts & Science

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656 W. Kirby - FAB Ste. 2040
Political Science
College of Science
Detroit, 48202

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Political Science

Title: Associate Professor
Fax: 313-993-3435

F/AB 2285


Kyu-Nahm Jun is associate professor in the Department of Political Science. She received her Ph.D. in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. She teaches courses in public administration, public policy and research methods. She conducts research in community-based citizen participation and local government responsiveness in urban governance. Her current research focuses on examining public participation and local democratic governance in cities amidst fiscal crisis and austerity.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise:

Public administration, public policy, urban politics


Citizen participation, fiscal crisis in local government

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications: Ph. D. in Public Administration, University of Southern California, 2005 Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS), University of Southern California, 2004 Master of Public Administration, Seoul National University, 2001 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Pre-Law minor, Ewha Womans University, 1998
Awards and grants: 2020 Wayne State University. Outstanding Graduate Director Award. 2019 Wayne State University, The Office of the Provost. Tenured Faculty Professional Development Program. Professional Development Grant on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Training. 2019 Wayne State University, Humanities Center Faculty Fellowship Program. “Fiscal Crisis, Austerity, and the Prospects of Democratic Governance and Public Participation: Evidence from U.S. Municipalities. 2016 USAID, Democracy, Human Rights and Governance Research and Innovation Grants Program. “Increasing the Civil and Political Participation of Women.” (Faculty Participant)
Selected publications:
  • Jun, K.-N. and Moldavanova, A. “Competing Public Values amidst Fiscal Crisis: The Case of State Takeover System in Michigan.” Forthcoming. Administration & Society
  • Lean, S. F., Eckert, S., Jun, K.-N., Gerring, N., Lacouture, M., Liu, J., and Walter, A. L. 2021. Women’s Civic and Political Participation in the Developing World: Obstacles and Opportunities. Journal of International Women's Studies, 22(9), 190-206. Available at:
  • Wang, F., Jun, K.-N., and Wang, L. 2021. “Bureaucratic Contacts and Their Impact Citizen Satisfaction with Local Government Agencies: The Influence of Expectation.” Public Policy and Administration. 36(1): 41-68
  • Jun, K.-N. and Bryer T. 2017. “Facilitating Public Participation in Local Governments in Hard Times.” American Review of Public Administration. 47 (7): 840-856
  • Ko, K. and Jun, K.-N. 2015. “A Comparative Analysis of Job Motivation and Career Preference of Asian Undergraduate Students.” Public Personnel Management. 44 (2): 192-213
  • Jun, K.-N, Wang, F., and Wang, D. 2014. “E-government Use and Perceived Government Transparency and Service Capacity: Evidence from a Chinese Local Government.” Public Performance & Management Review. 38(1): 125–151
  • Jun, K.-N. 2013. “Escaping the Local Trap? The Role of Community-Representing Organizations in Urban Governance.” Journal of Urban Affairs. 35(3): 343–363
  • Jun, K.-N. and Musso, J. A.2013. “Participatory Governance and the Spatial Representation of Neighborhood Issues.” Urban Affairs Review. 49(1):71–110
  • Jun, K.-N. and Shiau, E. 2012. “How Are We Doing? A Multiple Constituency Approach to Civic Association Effectiveness.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 41(4): 632–655
  • Jun, K.-N., & Weare, C. 2012. “Bridging From e-Government Practice to e-Government Research: Past Trends and Future Directions.” In K. J. Bwalya & S. F. C. Zulu (Eds.), Handbook of Research on E-Government in Emerging Economies: Adoption, E-Participation, and Legal Frameworks (Vol. 1, pp. 263–289). Hershey PA: IGI Global
  • Jun, K.-N. and Weare, C. 2011. “Institutional Motivations in the Adoption of Innovations: The Case of E-government.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. 21(3):495–519
  • Weare, C., Musso, J. A., and Jun, K.-N. 2009 “Cross-Talk: The Role of Homophily and Elite Bias in Civic Associations.” Social Forces. 88(1): 147–174
  • Jun, K.-N. 2007. “Event History Analysis of the Formation of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils.” Urban Affairs Review. 43(1): 107–122
  • Jun, K.-N. and Musso, J. A. 2007. “Explaining Descriptive Representation in Place-based Associations: the Impact of Formalistic Representation and Community Contexts.” Journal of Civil Society. 3(1): 39–58
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Kyu-Nahm Jun

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