Kathleen McBroom (av7393)

University information

Title: PTF/Non-Instr Hr
Unit: School of Library & Information Sci
Department: University Libraries

Contact information

5244 Gullen Mall
Dean's Office CLL & Ext. & Su
Lifelong Learning
Detroit, 48202

School of Information Sciences

Phone: 248.229.5942

Kathleen McBroom is the School Library Media Practicum Coordinator for the School of Information Sciences. Her previous positions include public (Lansing; Birmingham Baldwin), academic (University of Michigan Natural Sciences; Lawrence Technological University), and school libraries (Fordson High School, Dearborn). She has also acted as a visiting professor for the University of Michigan School of Library and Information Sciences. A past president of MAME (the Michigan Association for Media in Education), Kathleen is a regular contributor to professional journals, including School Library Connection and the American Library Association’s Booklist and BookLinks.

Title: School Library Media Practicum Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her
Kathleen McBroom

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