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Title: Professor
Unit: Administration & Organization Stud
Department: College of Education

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College of Education
Detroit, 48202

College of Education

Phone: 313-577-1700
Degrees and Certifications:
  • PhD. (2001) Instructional Technology,  Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
  • Education Specialist Certificate. (1997) Instructional Technology Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
  • MA. (1986) Masters in Education, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
  • BS. (1981) Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in Psychology, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Dr. Tracey is a Professor of Learning Design and Technology in the Administrative and Organizational Division in the College of Education. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, advises graduate and doctoral students and serves as the major advisor and committee member on doctoral committees. Her teaching and research focuses on theory and design research of interdisciplinary design including cultivating designer professional identity, design thinking and empathic design.

Fax: 313-577-1693
Title: Professor of Learning Design and Technology
Office Hours:

Office Hours: By appointment.
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Dr. Tracey is a passionate human centered design leader, skilled in empathic design, engaged in research and education, to design innovative interventions. She has in-depth experience in qualitative research, interdisciplinary design team management, creating innovative design solutions, and is a published thought leader. She is successful in building trusted relationships with executives, teams, vendors, and clients.

She has worked for over 35 years in design and on numerous design projects. Her work includes designing internationally and across disciplines. She has served as a consultant in design and performance improvement for numerous fortune 500 companies designing and implementing programs in leadership development, sexual harassment and assault, strategic planning and team development and execution.

Dr. Tracey has secured over $2,059,204.00 in funding from the National Institutes of Health, Michigan Department of Community Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Gulf State Reality. She has been funded to conduct interdisciplinary research with the School of Medicine and cross-cultural research in Dubai, U.A.E. She has held key leadership positions in International Associations including serving as a board member for the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, and the on its foundation board. Tracey currently serves as a Board Trustee for Boise State University's Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning Board. She has served on editorial boards for Educational Technology Research and Development and was a guest editor for a special edition on ethics. Sharing her expertise in design, she serves on the board for the International Journal of Designs for Learning.

Dr. Tracey has over 60 publications in the research and practice of instructional design including a Brown book award winning co-authored book, the Instructional Design Knowledge Base, numerous book chapters and refereed journal articles on design. She has chaired over 35 doctoral dissertations and served on an additional 30 committees. She mentors numerous future designers and scholars in the field and has published research with over 20 doctoral and masters’ students. Dr. Tracey earned her PhD in Instructional Technology at Wayne State University and is recognized as a leader in the field of instructional design and developing instructional designer practitioners.

Office Location:

367 Education Building

Courses taught:
  • Advanced Research Seminar and Practicum
  • Advanced Instructional Design Theory and Research
  • Background, Issues and Trends in Learning Design and Technology
  • Introductory Seminar in Learning Design and Technology
  • Advanced Learning Design
  • Organizational Development
  • Design Thinking and Knowledge
  • Introduction to Learning Design and Technology
Area of Expertise:

Instructional (Learning Design)

  • Authentic Design
  • Design Principles
  • Designer Professional Identity Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Empathic Design
  • Experience Design
  • Holistic Design
  • Interdisciplinary Design
  • Universal Design 
Research Interests:
  • Dr. Tracey's current research interests focus on designer professional identity development in an effort to prepare designers for practice, and in design activities including design thinking, empathic design and experience design to move the design forward and improve learner experience. Specific research studies focus on: 

    • Design Research
    • Designer Professional Identity Development
    • Empathic Design
    • Learner Experience in Design
Community Engagement Activities:

Dr. Tracey is engaged in the local, national and international community. She serves as a mentor to current students at the undergraduate and graduate level helping them develop their designer professional identity and establish themselves in professional design positions. Tracey serves as a mentor to new faculty members guiding them as they move toward tenure and full promotion. She currently sits on two non-profit boards and works with Detroit community non-profits with her advanced design courses, providing students authentic design experiences and non-profits an opportunity to provide innovative design experiences for their volunteers and employees. 

Tracey is a Board Trustee member on the Boise State University Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning Board and on the Association for Educational Communications and Technology Foundation Board. She served  as a member of the United States Army Education Advisory Board and on the Designers for Learning non-profit board.

Dr. Tracey's awards include the Brown Book Award for her book The Instructional Design Knowledge Base: theory, Research and Practice, the Presidential, Annual Achievement and Design and Development Division Service Award from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology and the Teaching Excellence Award and Faculty Recognition Award from Oakland University. She received the doctoral student of the year and the education specialist student of the year awards while a student at Wayne State University. 
  • The Implementatiohn and Study of a Scabale Professional Development Service-learning Model to Crowd Source the Design of Open Educational Resources for an Underserved Population of Adult Learners with Basic Skills Gaps, AECT, 2018 - 2020
  • Integrated Course Design and Development in the Biology and Physics of Radiation Oncology, National Cancer Institute/National Institute of Health, 2013 - 2018.
  • Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Continuing Medical Education Module for Primary Care Providers, Michigan Department of Community health and BCBS Foundation, 2015 - 2017. 
  • Using Data in Cyberlearning: Girl Scouts of America, 2013 - 2014.
  • The Customization of Cross-Cultural Instruction, Gulf States Reality, 2008 - 2009
  • Instituting a Lean Transformation, Noble International LTD., 2004
  • The Pawley Institute, Creating and Sustaining an Interdisciplinary Institute Focusing on Researching and Teaching Lean Principles, Dennis Pawley, 2002 - 2006


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Chapters Published

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Selected Refereed Journal Articles

  • Burmeister, J.W., Dominello, M.M., Tracey, M.W., Kacin, S.E., & Joiner, M.C., (2020). Final Report from IBPRO: Impact of Multidisciplinary Collaboration on Research in Radiation Oncology Radiation research, Radiation Research.  
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Monica Walch Tracey

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