Richard C. Marback (aa4749)

University information

Title: Professor
Unit: English
Department: College of Liberal Arts & Science

Contact information

5057 Woodward
Liberal Arts
Detroit, 48202

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Title: Professor of English
Secondary Title: Research Fellow Center for the Study of Citizenship
Phone: 313-577-7694

Room 10503.2
5057 Woodward
Detroit, MI 48202

Curriculum Vitae: 94720 1558718154 file
Research interest(s)/area of expertise:
  • Rhetorical theory and history of rhetoric
  • Citizenship studies
Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications: Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago (English). 1992 (Specialization in Language, Literacy and Rhetoric) M.A. University of Chicago (Humanities), 1986 B.A. Illinois Wesleyan University (Philosophy), 1981
Selected publications:
  • “Rhodes Must Fall: An Embodied Rhetorical Assertion.” Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture. 25 (2018)
  • The Meaning of Citizenship. Edited with Marc Kruman. Detroit: Wayne State UP. 2015
  • Generations: Rethinking Age and Citizenship. Editor. Detroit: Wayne State UP. 2015
  • Managing Vulnerability: South Africa’s Struggle for a Democratic Rhetoric. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. 2012
  • “Embracing Wicked Problems: The Turn to Design in Composition Studies.” CCC 61.2 (2009): 397-419
  • “Unclenching the Fist: Embodying Rhetoric and Giving Objects Their Due.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 38.1 (2008): 46-65
  • The Hope and the Legacy: The Past, Present, and Future of “Students’ Right to Their Own Language.” Edited with Pat Bruch. Cresskill. NJ: Hampton P. 2005
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Richard C. Marback

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