General Education Teaching Award 2021-2022 Application Form

General Education Teaching Award

2021-2022 Application Form

All applicants must be nominated or must self-nominate by December 13, 2021.  Nominees will be sent a link to the live application form, which will follow the structure below.  Please do not send application materials outside of the live form sent to nominees.  If you have any questions, email us at


Job Title:

Department (of instruction):

School/College (of instruction):

General Education Courses Taught (including semester/year):

Questions (500 word limit for each question):


We encourage you to refer to and reflect on your artifacts not only to provide evidence in support of your responses to the questions but also to discuss the impact of this work on your current and future teaching practices.  Please see the attached award evaluation rubric for more information. 


  1. How do your General Education courses contribute to the overall goals of the General Education Program?


  1. How do you create and support a diverse and inclusive classroom?


  1. How do you support student success in your General Education course?


  1. What kinds of challenges or failures have you faced in your General Education courses?  How have you responded?


  1. What role does collaboration play in your General Education course?


Artifacts (Limit 5):