Transfer Student Spotlight: Meet Sara Elhasan

Sara Elhasan

Major: Honors Public Health and Honors Sociology

Transferred from: Henry Ford College

Tips for transfer students: Take full advantage of the resources, programs, and individuals available to you! They have made a huge impact on my journey through my undergraduate career. I took community college courses in high school which helped me narrow my interests, but my trajectory was significantly influenced by the insight and guidance of Wayne State University organizations like ReBUILDetroit, McNair, the Academic Success Center, and the Emerging Scholars Program. I had to constantly remind myself that these people wanted to help me, all I had to do was ask! Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and don't let the fear of rejection hinder you from taking risks.

What attracted you to WSU's McNair Scholars Program?: I read about the McNair Scholars Program on Wayne State's website and was immediately drawn to their commitment to supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds on their path to higher education. As a first generation student and second generation immigrant, I know how difficult it is to navigate the education system. McNair ensures that your socioeconomic circumstances are not a barrier to your potential for success. The program has provided me with invaluable support to embark on some amazing opportunities that are not traditionally afforded to students like me, and that has made all the difference in my academic and professional journey.

Post-Graduation Plans: I'm pursuing my Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology with a certificate in Policy! I've received offers from some amazing institutions, so right now I'm taking the time to decide on who will give me the best experience.

Favorite Quote: "Get into the volume business. Take more swings. There is great power in lowering the market value of rejection. Take. More. Swings." - John Mayer

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