Transfer Student Spotlight: Meet Louise McKenzie

Louise McKenzie

Major: Master of Social Work, concentration in Interpersonal Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Transferred from: Grand Rapids Community College

Tips for transfer students: Use campus resources to your advantage, become involved in a student organization around your passions or major/minor; network; Give your best every day; Have fun!

Why did you choose WSU? I chose WSU because before I switched my undergrad major from Mortuary Science to Social Work WSU was the only school in the state of Michigan to offer a Mortuary Science Degree. Even after I changed my major I decided to stay at WSU because I enjoy the atmosphere and the campus being surrounded by a city that has countless opportunities for my academic career as well as my professional career.

Favorite place on campus: Student Center

Fun fact: I have a younger sister who attends Wayne State as well, we share very similar features and often time's people on campus confuse us for one another.

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