Transfer Student Spotlight: Meet Cynthia Johnson

Major: Public Health

Transferred from: Wayne County Community College

Tips for transfer students: Research is the most important thing to do. Make sure that the University met your need. I attended Wayne State University in 1985 majoring in Computer Science and knew it met my needs. Secondly, how much does it cost? Will financial Aid assist? Tour the campus and get acquainted with your advisor (backbone) so that your stay is worthwhile and successful in all academics.

What attracted me to Wayne State University? I attended WSU in 1985 majoring in Computer Science, worked at Chrysler Corporation as a Computer Analyst for 25 years. Later, in 2008 the market crashed my job was transferred to India and retired from the company. Traveled a lot but got bored and wanted to finish my dream Job as a Nurse. Attended Wayne County Community College and did all my Prerequisites in nursing and was ready to transfer back to Wayne State University. The WSU adviser gave me some very vital information and led me to Public Health. I spoke with an advisor in Public Health and that was history.

Post - Grad Plans? pursuing a Master degree in Public Health and working in a Mental Institution. There is a great need in that profession.

Favorite Quote: It is never too late to accomplish your dreams!

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