Transfer Student Spotlight: Meet Andreea Micu

Andreea Micu

Major/Minor: Public Health with double minor in Biological Sciences and Psychology

Transferred from: Macomb Community College

Tips for transfer students: Do not hesitate to ask questions! Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and if the person you reach out to does not have the answer, they will put you in contact with someone who does. Another tip is to get involved in activities and spend time on campus, it will make you feel less like an outsider.

Why did you choose WSU? I chose WSU for its research opportunities, for all the great things I have heard about the faculty and community at Wayne and lastly, the campus being located in an urban setting close to home.

Favorite place on campus: As I explore the campus, I discover new places that I love. Right now, it must be the Student Center recreational area on the second floor.

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