Transfer Student Spotlight: Alexandra Snyder

Alexandra Snyder

Major: Mortuary Science

Hometown: Born in Chicago, IL, currently live in Prescott, AZ (for past 15 years)

Transferred from: (Previous institute before transferring to WSU) Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ

What attracted you to WSU's Mortuary Science Program?: I utilized an educational consultant who helped me choose WSU. The criteria that was initially important to me was that it was an affordable institution with an online program. We narrowed schools down to about five or six, with WSU on the list. I was interested in an online program because it allows me to continue to hold a job and avoid having to take out thousands of dollars of additional private student loans. WSU was the only institution on our narrowed down list that really stuck out. It was the only four year program, which was only one semester longer than if I did an associate's program, as I already had an associate's degree.

The cost of attendance was not expensive, when considering it is a university instead of a community college. But I was also very impressed with the faculty page on the WSU site. Dominick Astorino is the first person I investigated (because he is the first on the list, alphabetically) and I was impressed with his work, both inside and outside the school. I was also impressed with Sharon Gee-Mascarello in this same regard, as well as John Canine. Overall, the mortuary science program at Wayne State University checked all of my financial and flexibility boxes, and really brought it home with its impressive faculty.

Tips for students considering online degree programs: Stay organized and stay accountable. No one is going to remind you that there is a quiz due tomorrow and no one is going to remind you to take the time difference into account and no one is going to remind you to study. Your success is truly in your own hands, so stay vigilant and stay motivated. Create a system that works for you to stay on track. I use a planner to schedule all of my homework, projects, and quizzes weekly to ensure that I get it all done, but that I also give myself one day off a week to relax.

Post-Grad Plans: I will start my apprenticeship after graduation to become a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Austin, Texas, where I lived for a couple years recently. After a year-long apprenticeship, I will be ready to join the funeral industry as a fully capable mortician at a funeral home.

Fun fact about yourself: Before attending the Fall semester at WSU, I spent seven months traveling through Europe and Africa. It was absolutely amazing and I am very glad I had the chance to do it before school heated up and my new career begins.

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