"Thank a Transfer Champion" program makes it easy for students to thank mentors for help

Transferring schools is an exciting process, but one that usually requires help along the way. Transfer students looking to say thanks to someone who helped them during their transfer journey can now do so through the Transfer Student Success Center's "Thank a Transfer Champion" initiative.

"The program allows students to share their personal transfer stories while acknowledging those who 'championed' them along the way," says TSSC Manager Ranae Hamama. "The program will also allow us the opportunity to reach out to the transfer champion so we can thank them for helping and supporting students. We always want to connect with people with similar dedication to transfer student success."

While the program is new, those at the TSSC expect it to be a success. "We are planning on students embracing this opportunity to thank someone who has helped them along their path," Hamama says.

Students are not limited to thanking faculty and staff at Wayne State - they can thank those at partner community colleges as well. Submissions can include the name of the sender or be anonymous, and they will all be entered into a pool for a prize giveaway at the end of the semester.

"The main benefit to this program is that it provides students with a platform to be able to share expressions of gratitude toward individuals that have had a positive impact on their educational journey," says Hamama. "Stories are how we connect, and these stories allow us the opportunity to spotlight, if permitted, their transfer journey. While each story is unique, it can be powerful when shared with others. It helps students to see others, like them, following similar paths."

Thank a Transfer Champion now!

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