Oakland Community College transfer achieves 4.0 and 25 Under 25

Accounting major Sarah Deciechi says that during her time at Oakland Community College, she was uncertain of what she wanted to do for a living. Her decision to focus on business not only led her to Wayne State, but also to a spot on the Mike Ilitch School of Business' 25 Under 25. The list spotlights 25 students who have achieved academic, community and professional success.

Sarah Deciechi

"I was proud of myself for sure, cause it's kind of a big deal," said Deciechi. "They picked 25 of us out of the whole business school. It just made me feel good, like I've done something right all these years. Everyone has that moment of doubt right, so it's good to be reassured that you've made the right choices."

Deciechi credits her academic success with the selection to the 25 Under 25. "I pride myself on my studies and my grades, I really commit myself," said Deciechi. She finished with a 4.0 in her accounting courses and is making her way through the CPA exam. She is working on her master's in accounting, expecting to graduate in December.

In the meantime, Deciechi shares her knowledge with fellow students as an accounting tutor. "It makes me feel like such a leader because I could take what I know and show them," said Deciechi." A lot of them are unfamiliar with accounting; it made me almost want to be a professor because I was able to show them they can do this and do it well." Deciechi says that she could see herself coming back to teach at WSU later in her career.

After getting her associate's from OCC in liberal arts, Deciechi transferred to WSU in 2015. Deciechi's transfer to Wayne State came from recommendations from friends who went there and a desire to be a part of the city. "I really like being in the Detroit area," said Deciechi. "I've seen it come up over the years and now I want to be in it. There's so many connections with different jobs going on downtown."

One of the advantages of going to Wayne State that Deciechi highlighted was the connections that the Mike Ilitch School of Business creates for its students, and the advantage of being in Detroit. "The business school is so nice," said Deciechi. "All of the business faculty are in one building, so if you need to see them you can go right to their office, they aren't dispersed everywhere. It's super nice to see your professors walking around."

Deciechi says she envisions more people following in her footsteps and transferring to WSU. "I owe everything in my career to Wayne State," Decichi said. "I wouldn't be at all where I'm at without them, you can't get into certain firms without an association with a university like this, so that alone is big. I think people are starting to appreciate Detroit more, it's just awesome to experience."

By Jacob Stocking, Ed Outreach communications associate

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