Macomb Community College transfer is now a student ambassador for the Mike Ilitch School of Business

Not everyone finds their calling right away, and business major Alaa Kishmish is no exception. He began his college career at Macomb Community College preparing to go into pharmacy, but working at a bank gave him an interest in business and finance. After deciding to major in business, Kishmish took his friends' advice, met with counselors, and transferred to WSU in 2016.

Alaa Kishmish

Kishmish says his time at the Mike Ilitch School of Business has been very exciting and helpful.

"Seeing all these professors that want to see you succeed is amazing," says Kishmish. "I can't even imagine not having an accounting lab to go to if I have questions. They really want you to succeed here."

Joining the Ilitch School gave Kishmish the opportunity to become a student ambassador. He was one of 10 ambassadors selected from 76 applicants. As student ambassador, Kishmish hosts and chaperones school events and participates in photo and video shoots.

"It's been amazing," says Kishmish. "I've gotten to meet so many people who I can network with and make connections with."

Kishmish says his most memorable experience as a student ambassador was meeting Chris and Marian Ilitch and providing a tour for them of the new building.

"I'm giving everyone a tour of the third floor, (and) all of a sudden the elevator opens up and there's Marian and Chris," says Kishmish. "I stood there frozen for a second, but then I introduced myself, shook his hand and gave them a tour of the building. It was really nice, it was a great experience."

Expecting to graduate in December, Kishmish is planning on going into wealth management and helping others manage their finances. "Not only can you be profitable, but you can help build other people up and make them successful as well," he says.

While he isn't giving financial advice just yet, Kishmish does have some advice for incoming WSU students: "Take all the opportunities Wayne State has to offer you; there's a lot you can take advantage of and build relationship from.

"That's honestly the biggest thing I can tell anyone, come in with an open mind, make friends and connections and it'll be a great four years for you."

By Jacob Stocking, Educational Outreach communications associate

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