Academic Services Officer Eve Crandall joins Transfer Student Success Center

Eve CrandallThe TSSC is pleased to welcome Eve Crandall as its newest academic services officer. In this role, Crandall supports future and current transfer students by helping them navigate all aspects of the transfer process.

"When I was an undergrad, there were no professional advisors at my school," she says. "The faculty in my department rotated advising each term. They were focused on their own profession -- English professor -- and could not understand why I was interested in subjects like calculus, chemistry and accounting, when none of these courses were required for a BA in English literature. I did not trust in myself, and I followed their advice not to take these courses, which ultimately limited my life options.

"Because of this experience I have a passion for supporting and encouraging students to pursue their interests, goals, and dreams, even if they are not sure how everything will fit together."

Prior to joining the TSSC, Crandall was a transfer advisor for the University of Toledo and an academic advisor for art students at Bowling Green State University.

"Joining a university community can be overwhelming for any student," she says. "There is so much to learn, so much to consider, so many decisions to make. Transfer students have the added challenge of needing to find out how their classes will transfer before they can enroll in any additional courses to avoid taking unnecessary or duplicative courses. Many transfer students only have two or three semesters remaining to complete their degrees, so they need to get to know their professors, explore opportunities in their department, and get involved immediately, especially if they intend to pursue graduate studies."

Crandall is looking forward to continuing her work with transfer students.

"Working with transfer students has meant that I have kept myself informed about policies, procedures, opportunities, services, transfer evaluation and graduation requirements so that I can help transfer students navigate their new campus effectively," she says. "In the years that I have worked with transfer students I have found them to be focused and dedicated students. I have admired them for their resilience and perseverance. It has truly been a privilege for me to help transfer students reach their educational goals."

When she's not advising, Crandall enjoys cooking and discovering new recipes.

"For the last few years, my husband and I have been trying to follow a no oil, plant-based, whole foods diet," she says. "Learning to cook without oil or dairy has been a challenge, but it has almost become normal for us. This path inspired us to do a little back yard gardening. Last year we harvested 32 butternut squash, which we are still eating every week! We also canned tomatoes, applesauce, apple butter and chutney and made our own sauerkraut.

"I grew up in Toledo and have lived in Denver, Los Angeles, and Syracuse, New York. I really enjoy exploring new cities. Unfortunately, I moved to Michigan the same week as the COVID-19 lockdown started. I was really excited about getting to know the greater Detroit area but, of course, all of my plans were put on hold. Now that restrictions are being lifted, I am looking forward to getting around a lot more!"

By Jacob Stocking, Educational Outreach communications associate

The Transfer Student Success Center is part of Educational Outreach, the point of entry for all off-campus programs and courses. We serve traditional students, transfer students and professionals seeking additional training, and the adult literacy needs of the Detroit community.

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