Warrior Safe training

As faculty, staff and students prepare to return to campus, please complete the Be Warrior Safe course created by the Wayne State Public Health Committee, a subcommittee of Wayne State's Restart Committee, by clicking on this self-enrollment link.

This course is composed of three modules, and will ensure a shared language around COVID-19 and introduce nine strategies for keeping oneself and Wayne State's campus safe:

  1. Coronavirus 101 for an overview of COVID-19 and how it spreads
  2. Warriors Taking Care of Warriors, Part 1 for strategies prior to arriving on campus
  3. Warriors Taking Care of Warriors, Part 2 for strategies to keep the campus community safe

You'll receive an email upon successful completion. As an employee, you can share it with your supervisor or other relevant WSU stakeholders as needed. As a student coming to class on campus, please note that you may be asked to show it.