2024 Admitted Student Day Lecture Descriptions

Lecture Title Description Track Location
Nursing Fundamentals This lecture covers crucial concepts such as patient care, infection control, vital sign monitoring, effective communication and clinical judgment. Students will gain valuable insights into the fundamental aspects of nursing and understanding the signficance of empathy, sound clinical judgment and professionalism in the nursing field as they consider this career pathway. Nursing Cohn Building, Room 124
Create Content Like a Pro- Using Mobile Photography and Videography Tools to Tell Your Story

Phones can do a lot these days, but many mobile users don't know about manual phone settings, apps, or additional gear they can use to boost the quality of the media they produce. Learn about producing high-quality media content to promote your story or brand.

Performing and creative arts + communication Old Main, Schaver Music Recital Hall
Using Design Software to Build Cool Stuff

Come find out how Engineers use design software in combination with 3-D printing in order to design and build the next generation of products and inventions.

Engineering Student Center Building, Hilberry EF
Your Health/Medical Career Starts Today!

This hands-on session will explore the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health. See how you can jumpstart your health career from day one.

Health sciences State Hall, Room 1101
Extremes of the Cosmos

Explore the densest objects in the Universe from supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies to neutron stars and the research that faculty at Wayne state do to understand them.

Physical/life sciences and math Chemistry Building, Schaap Lecture Hall
What do bathrooms have to do with anthropology? The surprising strangeness of the familiar

A brief introduction to the field of anthropology and, drawing from experiences in a middle school bathroom shows Clifford Geertz’s position that ethnography should work to “make the familiar strange” in order to reach breakthrough understandings. Students should come away with a better sense of what anthropology is, how it can be practiced anywhere, and how it helps us reimagine our world.

Social science/human service/education Purdy/Kresge Library, Room 110
Business communication skills for college and beyond

Business communication skills are critical for success at the university and in your career after that, no matter your career path.   This short overview session will be an interactive example of how we teach one of those important skills in the business school: The skill of listening.   

Business State Hall, Room 1114