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General Education Transfer Policy

Transfer Policy for Community College Students
(entering Fall 2005 and later) 

Students who transfer to Wayne State University from a Michigan community college with an Associate of Arts (A.A.), an Associate of Science (A.S.), an Associate of Baccalaureate Studies (A.B.S.), or an Associate of Liberal Arts (A.L.A.) degree are admitted with most lower division University general education requirements considered fulfilled.

Students who transfer to Wayne State University from a Michigan community college with a MACRAO-stamped transcript who do not hold an associate degree are also considered to have fulfilled most of the lower division University general education requirements.

After transfer to Wayne State University, students will then complete courses specific to the graduation requirements of their individual department or college. As always, students should contact a professional advisor at Wayne State University before transfer.

General Education Transfer Policy FAQ

What if the degree I want to pursue at Wayne State University requires a foreign language?  Will the language requirement be waived?
No.  The foreign language requirement is not waived or affected by this policy.

What if there are certification requirements that are satisfied by courses taken by students at Wayne State University?  Does my Associate Degree fulfill these requirements?
No.  Certification requirements are above and beyond General Education requirements and must be met by all students pursuing certification.  The student is responsible for learning the specific requirements for certification.

What if I have not earned an Associate Degree nor a MACRAO endorsement on my Michigan community college transcript at the time I apply for admission?
You must have earned the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Liberal Arts, or Associate of Baccalaureate Studies degree or the MACRAO endorsement on your Michigan community college transcript before you enroll for courses at Wayne State University for the first time in order for the General Education Transfer Policy to apply.

What if I enrolled at another college after receiving my Associate degree?
The Associate degree is valid for the transfer policy regardless of attendance at another college after you received it.

Which General Education requriements are considered fulfilled by the school or college of my intended major at Wayne State University? 
A detailed explanation of which requirements are waived by each school and college at Wayne State University under the new policy is available on the University Advising Center's website.