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Why Join the Transfer Warrior Community?

Transition into WSU smoothly

Being a new transfer student and getting acclimated to a new environment can be overwhelming.  We understand that there is a transitional period of adjustment to many areas of life at Wayne State, which is why we created the Transfer Warrior Community.  The Transfer Warrior Community consists of Transfer Warrior Ambassadors and the Transfer Student Success Center to help smooth the adjustment period and quickly connect you to the resources and support networks available on campus.

Receive advice and support from juniors and seniors

The Transfer Warrior Community connects newly admitted transfer students with our Transfer Warrior Ambassadors who are current juniors and seniors, who have been where you are now.  Our Transfer Warrior Ambassadors represent different majors, student organizations and backgrounds. They will share their own experiences, provide leadership skills, plan social activites, and will serve as a role model and a person of support for new transfer students.

If you are interested in being matched up with a Transfer Warrior Ambassador, please submit the Transfer Mentee application.  Being a mentee is completely voluntary, and an application can be submitted anytime throughout the academic school year.  All newly admitted transfer students for Fall, Spring/Summer, and Winter will receive an email prior to classes beginning inviting them to apply to the program.

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