The Transfer Student Success Center (TSSC) is committed to serving and advocating for prospective, incoming, and currently enrolled transfer students.  Our staff and our team of Transfer Student Ambassadors are available to help you discover the vast resources available while providing a supportive environment to help you reach your goals. 

Contact us early in your transfer process to ensure a smooth transition and learn why many other transfer students chose Wayne State.  

Our mission

Our mission is to provide transfer student resources and programming in an inclusive, supportive environment to build relationships, advocate on their behalf and promote transfer student success.  

Our goals

Our goal is to enhance your transfer experience and ensure a seamless transition. Our efforts are focused on setting a national standard for student success and degree completion across all demographic backgrounds by serving as a hub in the following areas: 

  • Support students with their transition.
  • Provide resources and pathways to academic, professional, and career success.
  • Create connections with peers and transfer student ambassadors.
  • Advocate for transfer students.
  • Build relationships to ease the transfer process.
  • Empower transfer students to achieve their goals.

For example, we provide the following resources and programs that lay the foundation for reaching your goals. 

  • Transfer Success Appointments
  • Welcome Week activities
  • Transfer credit explanation
  • Articulation and pathway development
  • Referrals to offices and services
  • Peer connections
  • Social activities and mixers
  • Workshops and seminars (academic)