Thank you for completing SMART Check withdrawal counseling. The SMART Check withdrawal counseling contains important information, so here are the highlights of your session which you can print and keep for your records.

Today we covered the 5 major consequences of withdrawing from a course(s).

Consequences of Withdrawing - Make a SMART Choice



Withdrawing will affect Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), jeopardizing financial aid in future terms.



Withdrawing does not cancel tuition or fees. You are still charged for courses from which you withdraw.


Academic  Record

Course withdrawals appear on your academic record and may affect graduate & career opportunities.



If you withdraw, you may be required to repay a portion of your aid back to the university.


Time to  Degree

Withdrawing extends the time to graduation and cost of your degree.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - Even if you do not use financial aid, the Office of Student Financial Aid will review your account for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
    • If you are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, and you apply for aid, you will not be eligible to receive financial aid funds.
  • Money - When you withdraw from a course(s) you still pay the full cost of the course. Wayne State does not offer a partial refund.
    • If your withdrawal causes you to drop below full time, you may lose future scholarship and grant funding. Many of these funds have requirements such as passing 24-30 credit hours per school year.
    • Financial Aid funds such as Pell, Schlarships and Loans have limits. The longer it takes you to graduate, the more likely it is that you will run out of money.
    • If you use financial aid loans, and you fall below half time, you will use your grace period and your loans will enter repayment.
  • Academic Record – Withdrawing increases the cost of your education, lengthens your time to obtaining a degree, and creates additional periods of income loss while you make up lost credits. Withdrawals are noted on your transcripts (academic record). Your instructor will assign a mark of WF (Official Withdrawal Failing), WN (Withdrawal Non-Attendance) or WP (Official Withdrawal Passing) to each course from which you withdrawal.
  • Repay – You can access your current account balance through your eBill.  Bill/Account Summary is a real-time view of your student account since the last e-bill was created.  Using this feature, you are able to see new charges and credits applied to your account since your last billing statement.
    • If you withdraw from all of your courses, you should check your balance within 30 days of your withdrawal in case a return of financial aid funds was done. This can cause a balance, and financial holds, on your account.
    • If you do not use financial aid, be sure to check your balance so you are aware of any payments which need to be made.
  • Time to Degree - The time it takes you to earn your degree lengthens with each course withdrawal. Withdrawing from courses increases the cost of your education.
    • Generally, students wh request a SMART check are considering withdrawing from one or more classes.  Wayne State University wants you to carefully consider your options before you finalize your choice to withdraw from your class(es). If your planned withdrawal will change your status from full time to less than full time, you should make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to talk about how this will affect your graduation plan.
    • As an undergraduate student, it is suggested you take 15 credit hours per semester if you are able to do so. This will help lessen your time to degree.

By completing the SMART Check withdrawal counseling today you understand: 

  • You must also withdraw from your courses in Academica or the withdrawal will not be processed.
  • If you drop, withdraw, or cease attendance in all of your courses you may be required to repay a portion of the financial aid which you have already received. This may create a balance owed to WSU, and you will have a registration hold until this balance is paid. You should check Academica to see the status of your current balance.
  • If you are an International Student who is thinking about withdrawing from a course, you must check with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) at Tel: +1 (313) 577-3422 or email: Withdrawing from a course could impact your visa status in the United States.
  • Athletes, check with your Athletic Department to learn if a withdrawal would impact your ability to participate in your sport or receive scholarship funds.
  • Completing your courses each semester decreases the time to earn your degree, and the overall cost of your education.
  • You must withdraw from courses on Academica and complete a SMART Check by the University withdrawal deadline on the Academic Calendar.

Thank you for taking the time to make a SMART choice.

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