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Student Service Center registration

The Student Service Center periodically calls to ask how things are going and to see if we can offer assistance.   We noticed that you registered for an upcoming semester and then dropped all of your courses.  Are there any questions we can answer for you?  You can reach us in a few ways:

The Student Service Center is a one-stop shop created to serve the needs of students, parents, and anyone interested in Wayne State University. We are ready to answer questions about applying to WSU, financial aid, records and registration, student accounts, and everything in between.

Visit us in the Welcome Center, send us an email to, or call us at 313-577-2100 to ask a question.

Paying for classes

  • Financial Aid has annual limits. Find out more…
    • Loan Limits – make sure you borrow wisely so you have funds for any courses you would like to take in the spring or summer.
    • Grants can have enrollment and other requirements. Make sure to stay informed to get the most out of your awarded grant funds.
      • Register full time to take full advantage of your awards
    • Submit a Spring/Summer loan request
  • Use a payment plan to make monthly tuition payments



Other departments may also be able to assist you with specific questions: