Are you Registration Ready and financially prepared for the next semester?

Are you Registration Ready and financially prepared for the next semester?

If you are unsure, we can help you get ready by checking a few easy things online.


  • Find your courses online
  • Learn how to register online using our easy registration instructions.
  • If you receive an error such as a prerequisite, closed section, etc. when you attempt to register for a course, contact the academic department which offers the class to discuss the available options. 
  • Register full time to take full advantage of your financial aid awards and reduce the time it takes to reach graduation.

Paying for classes

  • Semester bills are due on the following dates:  Fall semester August 15th, Winter semester December 15th, Spring/Summer semester April 15th. You can find your bill in Academica.
    • Log into Academica at
    • Select "Student Resources" then "Financial Records".
    • The "Bill/Account Summary" is your current actual balance, while the "eBill Statement and Payment History" is your monthly statement.
  • Making online payments
    • If you would like to pay your bill online, you can also do this in Academica. Select "Student Resources" then "Online payments".
    • Choose "Make an Online Payment" to make a payment now.
    • You can set up an account for your parent/guardian to make a payment using the "Parent Pin Online Payment Information".
  • Financial Aid has annual limits.
    • Winter semester financial aid will pay to students accounts the first week of January 2018. Subtract your pending winter financial aid from your winter bill, the number left represents a balance - so you will know if you need to make a payment on your account. 
    • Grants and Scholarships have limits, enrollment requirements, and in some cases renewal criteria. Make sure to stay informed to get the most out of your awarded grant and scholarship funds.
    • Loan Limits – make sure you borrow wisely to minimize what you have to pay back after you graduate.
    • Financial Aid Requirements - Make sure you do not have outstanding Financial Aid Requirements.
      • On Academica, choose "Student Resources" then "Financial Aid". You can see any requests under "My Financial Aid Requirements".
  • Use a payment plan to make monthly tuition payments.


If you have a hold on your account, the first step is to figure out which hold you have and the steps needed to have the hold lifted.

  • Transcript/Graduation Hold - this hold does not prevent you from registering. If you sign up for a payment plan or if you have a current semester balance under $1,500, this hold prevents the release of Official Transcripts and your diploma.
    • How can you have this hold lifted? Pay your balance in full and this hold will automatically lift overnight.
  • Current Balance Hold - this hold means that you have a current semester balance over $1,500. This hold does prevent registration.
    • How can you have this hold lifted? Pay your balance under $1,500 and this hold will automatically lift overnight.
  • Account Balance, Pre-Collection, Collections and Written Off Balance. These holds prevent registration and you will need to pay your balance in full to be able to register for an upcoming semester. Call 313-577-3653 and choose option 5 to speak to someone about your past due balance.
  • You can see the full list of holds, and who to contact to help with your hold here.


Questions? Email us

Other departments may also be able to assist you with specific questions: