What is a case?

Why do I have a Case number?

Student Service Center Specialists document every student interaction as a Case in our system called Salesforce. These Cases are analyzed to better understand who needs service, why service is needed, and what can be learned from these interactions to promote a culture of quality care.

Whether you call, sign in at the front counter, or email studentservice@wayne.edu, admissions@wayne.edu, or another email for one of our offices, you will be assigned a case number.  This ensures that your question is tracked, and that someone responds to you every time.

Sometimes, cases need to be referred to experts in each office.  Your case will remain open or in progress until you get the answer to your inquiry.

Why do you receive case closed emails?

Every time you contact the Student Service Center (SSC) there are a few things that can happen:

  1. The SSC answers your questions, writes up notes and closes your case. You will then receive a case closed email with your case number for your reference.
  2. If your question needs special handling, SSC will send your case to one of our home offices.  The home office will then address any questions and they will close your case.  You will then receive a case closed email with your case number for your reference.

In the closed case email, you will be sent a survey to ask about your experience.  You are given an opportunity offer suggestions on ways we can improve to make your next experience even better.

Why does the Student Service Center make notes on every case?

Making information transparent allows Wayne State staff to see a student's history of communications with the university; therefore, the answers that are given are consistent regardless of who responds to an inquiry.

How does the collection of contact reasons help Wayne State to become more efficient, and enhance quality customer service?

Since all communications are categorized for business intelligence purposes, Wayne State University uses the collected data to streamline business processes, prioritize work and enhance communications.