Course policy notes

Changes to the Wayne State grading policy were approved by the University's Board of Governors effective fall term 2006. A summary of these changes is below.


  • Incompletes ("I" grades) will be changed to a failing grade after one calendar year for both Undergraduate and Graduate students. All work must be completed within one calendar year; there will be no extensions.
  • The failing grade for undergraduates is now an "F", rather than "E".


  • Failure to withdraw officially before the withdrawal deadline will result in an "F". There is no longer an "X" grade.
  • Students who request course withdrawals after the drop period has ended will now receive one of these notations:
    • "WP" Withdrawal with a passing grade earned to date
    • "WF" Withdrawal with a failing grade earned to date
    • "WN" Withdrawal never attended, or no graded work to date

None of these notations affect GPA.The new withdrawal policy does not affect tuition and fees, since there is no tuition cancellation provision for withdrawn courses.

The Instructor can also choose to Deny the request to withdraw.

The request to withdraw can be made on Academica. It is located in the Student Resource area, Registration menu, and then select Course Withdrawal.

NOTE: The course drop process during the first two weeks of the semester remains the same as before, with tuition cancellation available only for classes dropped in the first two weeks of the term.


  • Undergraduate students will need to see an advisor to repeat the same course a third time.
  • Undergraduate students who have repeated three different courses overall will need to see an advisor to repeat any fourth course.