Early Academic Assessment procedures

All classes numbered below 4000 (except those that have been granted waivers) are required to enter Early Academic Assessment (EAA) grades through Academica. The EAA grading pages will be made available at the beginning of the third week of classes. The deadline for submission of EAA grades is at the end of the sixth week of classes. EAA web grading will be turned off for the semester at that time.

EAA letters are sent after the third, fourth, fifth and sixth weeks to students who had a deficiency reported during the prior week.  

To submit your EAA grades:

  1. Log in to Academica.
  2. Click on the Faculty Instructional Resources menu under "WSU Resources." 
  3. Click on the Early Assessment Grades link.  
  4. Select the current semester from the drop-down menu, then click the "Submit" button.
  5. Select the desired class from the drop-down menu, then click the "Submit CRN" button. (CRN stands for Course Reference Number.) 
  6. You will see your class list. For each student who has a deficiency, select the appropriate EAA grade from the drop-down menu. You should NOT submit an EAA grade for students who have no deficient areas.
  7. When you have entered the grades for all students who have grades of C- or below, you must choose who will send out the alert to students: you, the instructor, or the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs. If it is you, then click on the "Submit and agree to sign the letter" button. If it is the Associate Provost, then click on the "Submit from the Associate Provost Office" button.
  8. To avoid losing the grades you have input, click the "Submit" button of your choice often.  
  9. If everyone is doing C or better work, click the "No Students have EAA Deficient Grades" button. This will record your section in the system as having been reviewed.

After submitting the grades, confirmation that grades have been successfully entered will appear at the top of the page.