Tingting Yan (ew9404)

Tingting Yan (ew9404)

University Information

Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Department: School of Business Admin

Contact Information

5201 Cass Ave.
Rm. 300 Prentis Bldg.
Marketing and Supply Chain Department
Detroit, 48202

Mike Ilitch School of Business

Title: Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
Phone: 313-577-9811
Email: tingting.yan@wayne.edu

Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Avenue
Room 273
Detroit, MI 48201


 Supply network, Inter-organizational Innovation, Culture

Research and teaching interests:

Research theme

  • How could a firm better innovate by managing its supply network as well as understanding its suppliers’ extended networks?

Research topics

  • Supplier involvement in new product development
  • Supplier selection
  • Evaluation and development for buyer innovation
  • Innovation in buyer-supplier dyad and triad
  • Inter-organizational learning in a buyer-supplier relational context
  • Buyer-supplier joint innovation in various cultural and institutional environments


  • Decision Science
  • Academy of Management
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Ph.D. in supply chain management, Arizona State University
  • M.S. in management science, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Yan’s research areas include supply network collaboration in innovation, the role of culture in supply chain management, new product development and innovation adoption and diffusion.


  • Editorial Board Reviewer for Decision Science, 2007-present
  • Editorial Board Reviewer for Journal of Operations Management, 2011-present
  • Associate Editor for Journal of Supply Chain Management, 2014-present
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for European Journal of Operations Research, 2008-present
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2008-present
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for International Journal of Production Economics, 2008-present
  • Reviewer for Academy of Management annual conference, 2007 – 2011
  • Reviewer for Decision Science annual conference, 2012-present
  • Tingting Yan, Dina Ribbink and Hubert Pun, forthcoming, Incentivizing Supplier Participation in Buyer Innovation: Experimental Evidence of Non-Optimal Contractual Design, Journal of Operations Management
  • Tingting Yan, Stephan Wager (2017), Do What and With Whom? Walue Creation and Appropriation in Inter-Organizational New Product Development Projects, (2017), International Journal of Production Economics, 191, 1-14
  • Tingting Yan, Kevin Dooley and Sophie Yang, (2017), A Theory of Supplier Network-Based Innovation Value, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 23 (3), 153-162
  • Tingting Yan and Arash Azadegan (2017), Comparing Inter-Organizational New Product Development Strategies: Buy or Ally; Supply-Chain or Non-Supply-Chain Partners? International Journal of Production Economics. 183(A): 21-38
  • Butler, T. W., Williams, D. L., and Tingting Yan. (2016). MMOG/LE: Improving Supply Chain Delivery Performance through Buyer-Supplier Collaboration. Journal of Transportation Management, 25 (2), 57-68. Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity.
  • Anand Nair, Tingting Yan, Young Kyun Ro, Adegoke Oke, Todd Chiles and Su-Yol Lee, 2016.  How environmental innovations emerge and proliferate in supply networks: a complex adaptive systems perspective, by Journal of Supply Chain Management, 52(2), 66-86.
  • Tingting Yan and Anand Nair, 2016, Structuring supplier involvement in new product development: A China-US study. Decision Sciences, 47(4), 589-627.
  • Tingting Yan and Thomas Kull, 2015. Supplier Opportunism in Buyer-Supplier New Product Development: A China-US Study of Antecedents, Consequences and Cultural/Institutional Contexts. Decision Sciences, 46(2), 403-445
  • Tingting Yan, Thomas Choi, Yusoon Kim and Sophie Yang, 2015, A Theory of The Nexus Supplier: A Critical Supplier from A Network Perspective, Journal of Supply Chain Management, 51 (1), 52-66 (this research sets the foundation for a CAPS research that develops a Nexus Supplier Index for companies to use to manage supply bases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKLGu03ctZ0).
  • Thomas Kull, Tingting Yan, Zhongzhi Liu, John Wacker, 2014, The Moderation of Lean Manufacturing Effectiveness by Dimensions of National Culture: Testing Practice-Culture Congruence Hypotheses. International Journal of Production Economics, 153, 1-12
  • Tingting Yan and Kevin Dooley, 2014. Buyer-Supplier collaboration quality in new product development projects. Journal of Supply Chain Management. 50 (2), 59-83
  • Adegoke Oke., Fred Walumbwa, Tingting Yan, Moronke Idiagbon-Oke and Lucy Ojode, 2014. Linking Socio-Economic Factors with Technology Adoption in Three Emerging Economies of Sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 25 (1), 49-68.
  • Tingting Yan and Kevin Dooley, 2013, Communication Intensity, Goal Congruence, and Uncertainty in Buyer-Supplier New Product Development. Journal of Operations Management, 31 (7-8): 523-542.
  • Y. Kim, T. Choi, Tingting Yan and Kevin Dooley. 2011. “Structural investigation of supply networks: A social network analysis approach”, Journal of Operations Management, 29: 194-211.
  • Tingting Yan, Elliot Rabinovich, Kevin Dooley and Philip Evers, 2010. “Managing Backlog Variation in Order Fulfillment: the Case of Internet Retailers”, International Journal of Production Economics,128 (1): 261-268.
  • J. Carter, Arnold Maltz, Elliot Maltz, Mark Goh and Tingting Yan, 2010. “Impact of Culture on Supplier Selection Decision Making”, International Journal of Logistics Management, 21(3), 2010.
  • Tingting Yan and Kevin Dooley, 2010. “Entry timing in a secondary market: when to trade?” International Journal of Production Economics, 124 (1): 62-74.
  •  Kevin Dooley, Tingting Yan, 2010, Srimathy Mohan and Mohan Gopalakrishnan. “Inventory Management and the Bullwhip Effect during the Current Recession: Evidence from the Manufacturing Sector”, Journal of Supply Chain Management, 46(1): 12-18.
  • J. Carter, Arnold Maltz, Tingting Yan and Elliot Maltz, 2008. “How Procurement Managers View Low Cost Countries and Geographies: A Perceptual Mapping Approach”, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Vol. 38 (3): 224-243.
  •  J. Carter and Tingting Yan, 2007. “The procurement function’s role in strategic outsourcing from a process perspective”, Int. J. Procurement Management, Vol. 1, Nos. 1/2: 210-226.


  • Tingting Yan (2016), “A project-level analysis of value creation and appropriation in open innovation projects”, Invited presentation at the 2016 POMS conference, Orlando, FL
  • Tingting Yan (2016), “Coordination in New Product Development: An Experiment”, Presentation at the 2016 POMS conference, Orlando, FL
  • Tingting Yan (2015), “Incentivizing Supplier Involvement in Buyer Innovation: An Experimental Study”, Invited presentation at the 2015 DSI conference, Seattle, WA
  • Tingting Yan (2014), "A Knowledge Management View of Open Innovation Strategies", Presentation at the 2014 AOM annual conference, Philadelphia, PA
  • Tingting Yan (2013), "Where and how to source external knowledge for product innovation?". Presentation at the 2013 DSI Annual conference, Baltimore, MD.
  • Tingting Yan (2013), "A theory of nexus supplier". Invited presentation at the 2013 POMS Annual conference, Denver, CO.
  • Tingting Yan (2012). "Supplier involvement in new product development: A China and US comparative study." Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Decision Science Institute.
  • Tingting Yan (2012). "Manufacturer-supplier joint innovation under technical and relational uncertainty: a cultural perspective", 2012, invited presentation at the 23rd Annual POMS conference.
  • Tingting Yan (2011). "The more, the better? Communication intensity and goal congruence in buyer-supplier joint product innovation", 2011, Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Decision Science Institute.
  • Tingting Yan (2011). "Emerging Capabilities in Sustainable Supply Networks: A Process Theory", Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Decision Science Institute.
  • Tingting Yan (2009). "Buyer-supplier collaborative product design: an inter-firm alignment perspective", Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Decision Science Institute.
  • Tingting Yan (2007). "Entry timing in a secondary market: when to trade?" Presentation at the Annual INFORMS conference.
  • 2016 Journal of Supply Chain Management Best Reviewer Award
  • 2015 Carol J. Latta Memorial DSI Emerging Leadership Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholar from the Decision Sciences Institute
  • 2010-2014 Journal of Operations Management Reviewer Service Award
  • 2014 Journal of Supply Chain Management Best Reviewer,
  • 2015 Finalist for the Past Chairs Emerging Scholar Award, Technology and Innovation Management Division (TIM) of the Academy of Management,
  • 2014 Excellence in Research Award from the School of Business Administration, Wayne State University, $1000, 2011-2014
  • 2013 Journal of Operations Management Best Reviewer, $150, 2014
  • First place in the ISM Doctoral Dissertation Grant in Supply Management, $6000, 2010 (One of the only two recipients in the United States for the Grant
  • Proceeding Scholarships, the 20th Annual North American Research and Teaching Symposium, $750, 2010
  • ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association Research Grant, $2000, 2009-2010
  • Distinguished Doctoral Student Fellowship, department of supply chain management, $5000, 2008-2009 


Curriculum Vitae:
  • https://people.wayne.edu/profile/ew9404/1417/tingting_yan_wsu_website_vita.pdf
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  • 1491315307
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