Wayne State Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP)

WarriorVIP, Vision 2021

What is your vision for your freshman year in college?

The Warrior VIP team is thrilled to welcome you to Wayne State University. You have been selected to participate in a program designed to help you realize your vision through a series of early support workshops that address some of the typical challenges students face during their transition to college.

As a member of the Vision 2021 class, you will experience all the excitement of life on and around campus as soon as you're admitted. You'll also be able to:

  • Receive personalized support through the Academic Success Center and Office of Multicultural Student Engagement. 
  • Gain early access to important campus resources like the Office of Student Financial Aid, Dean of Students Office and Career Services.
  • Gain valuable insight from current students through the Peer Mentors program.

Look for us at Student Organization Day!  We will be housed with the Learning Communities!

Dates to Remember

Wayne State Warrior VIP Insiders Event: 

Lunch with Warrior VIP:

Join other incoming freshman and peer mentors for lunch.

  • Academic Success Center in the Undergraduate Library
  • September 27th, 2017
  • 12:30 - 1:30 PM

Questions or interested in participating with Warrior VIP?

Please contact:

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Warrior VIP?

    The Wayne State Warrior Vision Impact Program (VIP) is a comprehensive student support program and learning community. Warrior VIP invites incoming students to join the learning community to support their engagement with the university, development of leadership skills and the accomplishment of academic goals. Through a first-year seminar, mentoring relationships and a variety of campus resources, Warrior VIP students are part of a community of learners who thrive intellectually and personally.

  • How will students be invited to participate in Warrior VIP?

    The Warrior VIP considers a variety of factors when selecting talented students who have been admitted to WSU to join the learning community. Students are invited to participate based on high school GPA, ACT/SAT scores, first-generation status and family's expected financial contribution. Selected students have demonstrated the potential for leadership and success in college and will receive an invitation by U.S. mail and by email to join the learning community. Students will be notified of their selection during their senior year of high school.

  • What topics will this program cover?

    Warrior VIP has two components. The first is a pre-college program designed to help incoming students get to know the university; build relationships with faculty, staff and other students; and develop skills for college success before they've completed high school. Four workshops will be held between February and May of the incoming students' senior year of high school. Most students will choose to participate in all sessions in order to gain the most from the pre-college program. However, participation in all sessions is not required to join the learning community. The sessions will all take place prior to Frist-year Student Orientation and will not interfere with Orientation dates. The 2017 sessions are listed above. 

    The second component of Warrior VIP is the learning community, with access to a variety of support and resources:

    • Students will take the FYS (First-Year Seminar) 1010, which supports first-year students' academic and personal development through focused discussions, writings and activities.
    • Each student will be connected with a peer mentor — a junior- or senior-level student who will serve as a knowledgeable guide and role model.
    • Students will make purposeful connections with campus departments such as Career Services for student employment and career development, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, the Academic Success Center and other WSU learning communities.
    • Students will have access to these support services throughout their time at WSU.
  • What if a Warrior VIP student is also participating in another learning community?

    Many students are eligible to participate in more than one learning community and choose to do so. In these cases, the communities' coordinators work closely together to ensure that the student benefits from membership in both and is not overwhelmed by working to meet requirements. For some students, the expectations of an additional learning community provide the customized, coordinated care that proves valuable for their success.

  • How will this program impact students' work with an academic advisor?

    The intent of Warrior VIP is to help students establish strong ties with WSU prior to starting classes in the fall and to help them build their skills and networks through graduation. To do that, it is important that students meet regularly with their academic advisor. Like other WSU students, Warrior VIP students will be matched with an academic advisor in their department if they've declared a major or with an advisor in the University Advising Center if they have not yet declared a major.

  • Can students be referred to the program?

    Warrior VIP participants are selected during the academic year prior to their first fall semester and must be considered based on the program's selection criteria. Considerations can only be made during the selection process and using the selection criteria.