About the Ombudsperson

What is an Ombudsperson?

An Ombudsperson is a neutral and confidential party who assists members of a university community. The Ombudsperson at Wayne State University helps facilitate and provide a safe place to ask for help on campus. The Ombudsperson does everything possible to see that student needs are met and that students can focus on making academic progress at Wayne State. The Ombudsperson and those working in the office maintain confidentiality as appropriate based on individual student needs. 

When should I contact the Ombudsperson?

Students can contact the Office of the Ombudsperson when they need clarification on Wayne State policies and procedures, when they have a university-related problem that has not been resolved by regular university procedures, and when they have university-related questions for which they cannot find an answer. 

How might the Ombuds Office assist me?

University campuses can be intimidating. There are many offices, which service students in different ways. Those working in the Ombuds Office can listen to concerns, help identify resources and, when possible, assist in suggesting a potential path to resolution to help students overcome challenges. 

What doesn't the Ombudsperson do?

The Ombuds Office staff cannot act as advocates for any individual or group.  We do not participate in formal grievance processes and the office does not serve as an agent of notice for Wayne State University. 

How do I contact the Ombudsperson?

Contact the office directly at 313-577-3487 or send an email to ombudsoffice@wayne.edu.  The Ombuds Office is located in 790 Student Center.