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Wayne State University professors available to comment on Olympic Games in Sochi

January 30, 2014

The following Wayne State University professors will be available throughout the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia to provide expert commentary and analysis of trending topics related to the event. To arrange an interview, contact Mike Brinich at 313-577-5699 or

Russian politics, culture and security

  • Aaron Retish is a professor of modern Russian history at Wayne State University. He is the author of several books chronicling Russia's collective psyche, modern politics and civil breakdowns. Retish can field questions related to security in the region and the political impact and socioeconomic ramifications of hosting the games in Sochi.
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Athlete injuries: Brain trauma and rehabilitation

  • Scott Millis is a professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the director of research at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. Millis is a nationally recognized expert in traumatic brain injury research and safety. ┬áHe can comment on injuries to the brain that may occur during competition at the Olympics. Additionally, Millis can discuss statistical trends in brain trauma, neuropsychology and rehabilitation.
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Marketing and sponsorships

  • Jeff Stoltman is a professor of marketing in the Wayne State University School of Business Administration. Based on his research experience and expertise in relationship marketing, consumer behavior and marketing trends, he can provide insight into the value of Olympic sponsorships for athletes and companies. Additionally, Stoltman can help estimate the value of an athlete's performance in the Olympics.
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