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New and increased services help ease financial strain on students

December 3, 2008

As a way to address the bleak economic reality confronting students, Wayne State University is establishing an action plan that will help ease some financial worries while encouraging registration for the Winter 2009 semester.

"The nation's economic crisis has placed a strain on all of us, and we are aware of the financial concerns many students face," said Wayne State University President Jay Noren. "We understand and share their anxiety, and know we must take extraordinary actions to address an extraordinary situation."

The university's action plan consists of five relief measures that will have substantial impact on students grappling with financial difficulties. They include:

Establishing a tuition and fee payment grace period - Wayne State is temporarily suspending its policy of restricting registration to only those students who have paid all fees in full. Under the new temporary tuition and fee payment grace period program, students who owe $1,500 or less may register for Winter 2009 classes and have until January 9, 2009 to pay their past-due balances. This will allow students who pay past-due balances to continue their education through the Winter term.

Conducting financial assessment, outreach and one-on-one assistance - University representatives are contacting all students who have not yet registered for Winter 2009 to assess each student's needs, identify financial aid options and help them obtain as much financial aid as possible.

Establishing a temporary Student Response Center - Students can contact the new Student Response Center at (313) 577-3378 or online at to learn more about financial aid and receive counseling.

Conducting seminars on higher education financial planning and management - The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) is offering monthly financial literacy seminars for students and the public. The next session will be Saturday, December 13: Graduate students may attend from 9 to 10:30 a.m.; undergraduates are welcome from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. These sessions will be held in the Welcome Center at 42 West Warren. For more information, students may call (313) 577-3378, visit or e-mail

Continuing investment in "economy-driven" educational programs - Wayne State University plays a major role in Michigan's economic revitalization, and our programs have been at the forefront of emerging industries. We will continue to invest in the development and delivery of such programs as alternative energy, healthcare, information technology and other disciplines critical to our students and their current and future employers. Each of Wayne State's 13 schools and colleges is examining potential programs that align with Michigan's changing economic environment.

According to President Noren, this relief plan reflects Wayne State's mission as an urban university that promotes access to higher education while maintaining a strict standard of academic excellence.

Wayne State University is a premier institution of higher education offering more than 350 academic programs through 13 schools and colleges to more than 31,000 students.