Made In Detroit Clothing and Kid Rock Partner with Wayne State University to Help Out Hometown Talent

October 24, 2008

Symbolic limited edition Made In Detroit T-shirt to fund music scholarship at top urban research university in Detroit

Detroit, MI - Proving that music success can indeed be "Made In Detroit," Kid Rock is partnering with Wayne State University to fund a music scholarship that inspires Detroit's youth to believe in themselves, their city and embrace its rich music legacy. Kid Rock's Made In Detroit Clothing company, which manufactured the jacket flashed by the rocker in his "All Summer Long" music video, has co-created a limited edition t-shirt featuring its trademark logo embedded in the Wayne State moniker. The scholarship will be funded by proceeds from the sale of the t-shirt, which will be available at Barnes & Noble on Wayne State's Midtown campus. Fans can also order the t-shirt on-line at and

Kid Rock and his Made In Detroit Clothing Company, with possibly the most recognized logo in Detroit fashion history, are symbolic of the Motown work ethic. That work ethic is alive and well on Wayne State's Midtown Detroit campus, where many of the university's nearly 32,000 students work during the day to pay for their education at night. All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go directly into the Kid Rock Music scholarship fund.

According to Sharon Vasquez, dean of Wayne State's College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, the scholarship will preference students who are residents of metro Detroit enrolled in Wayne State's degree programs in music technology or music business in the Department of Music. In fact, the department's Music Business program was recognized in the August 11, 2005 issue of the Rolling Stone magazine article, "Schools That Rock."

"We are thrilled that Kid Rock recognizes the talent of Detroit's youth and Wayne State's critical role in helping to nurture and shape that talent to create the musical artistry and expertise of the future," said Vasquez.

Kid Rock stated, "This city has been very good to me and my family. I truly believe that a major part of Detroit's healing and moving forward will come through education. Look just at our musical history in this city. If we don't encourage and get behind these kids to develop their musical talents then shame on us. They deserve a chance and that's why I decided to start this scholarship. My hope is that someday some young boy or girl from Detroit or the surrounding suburbs can become one of the greatest talents of their generation."

Wayne State University is a premier institution of higher education offering more than 350 academic programs through 12 schools and colleges to more than 31,000 students.